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High Nostril Piercing: Elevate Your Style Guide

High Nostril Piercing: Elevate Your Style Guide

What sets high nostril piercings apart in the realm of body art? Situated just above the crease on the bridge of the nose, a high nostril piercing makes a distinctive fashion statement and adds a touch of edge to your style. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know—from the piercing process and curated jewelry inspiration to the aftercare essentials that ensure a safe and stylish addition to your look.

Key Takeaways

  • The high nostril piercing offers a unique, versatile aesthetic positioned higher on the nose, accommodating a variety of creative jewelry styles and allowing for individual expression.

  • Proper aftercare is essential for high nostril piercings, with a healing time of 4-6 months and practices including gentle cleaning with saline solution, avoiding harsh substances, and careful jewelry selection to minimize complications.

  • Choosing the right jewelry and gauge size is crucial for the comfort and healing with these kind of piercings, with options ranging from small studs or hoops to labret-style jewelry made from hypoallergenic materials.

Since 2006, PlugYourHoles has offered quality body jewelry for customers across the world, and we wanted to develop this quick guide to give you a better idea for what to expect with your high nostril piercing.

Exploring the Allure of High Nostril Piercings

A high nostril piercing is unique and bold, distinguishing them from traditional nose piercings. Placed higher on the nasal bridge, these piercings enhance facial features and add a distinctive touch to your style. The allure lies in their ability to draw attention and make a statement without overwhelming your look.

One of the most appealing aspects of high nostril piercings is their versatility. They can be customized with various types of jewelry, from elegant nose studs to more daring hoops and chains. This flexibility allows you to express your individuality and creativity in a way that traditional nostril piercings may not. 

The distinctive placement of the high nostril piercing paves the way for innovative jewelry arrangements and combinations. By positioning the piercing higher on the nose, closer to the bridge, wearers can experiment with different designs and styles that complement their facial features and overall look. This distinct placement, sometimes referred to as a para nostril piercing, truly sets the high nostril piercing apart and makes them a captivating choice for those looking to elevate their style.

The Classy Single High Nostril Piercing

A single high nostril piercing radiates a subtle elegance and sophisticated charm. Positioned higher on the nasal bridge than traditional piercings, it offers a distinctive and refined look that enhances the wearer’s appearance. This placement not only draws attention but also allows for a variety of creative jewelry choices that underscore its stylish appeal. Imagine the sparkle of a delicate nose stud catching the light at just the right angle, adding a touch of glamor to your everyday look.

Opting for a classy high nostril piercing is a statement of individuality. Unlike more common nose piercings, a single high nostril piercing is a perfect choice for those who appreciate subtle sophistication and want to stand out in a crowd.

Trendsetting with Double High Nostril Piercings

For the style adventurers, double high nostril piercings present a trendsetting alternative. This piercing involves two perforations, one on each side of the nose bridge, adding a balanced and edgy aesthetic to your look. The symmetrical design of double high nostril piercings can complement facial features, creating a harmonious and striking appearance.

As a trendsetter, double high nostril piercings provide a unique sense of symmetry and balance that has gained popularity in the fashion world. Whether paired with simple nose studs or more elaborate high nostril piercing jewelry, this style offers endless possibilities for expressing your creativity and individuality.

The Challenges of High Nostril Piercings

Despite their distinctive look, the high nostril piercing brings a unique set of challenges. Finding a skilled piercer is crucial, as the complex placement requires greater expertise than traditional nostril piercings. The denser cartilage above the nostril crease adds to the difficulty, making it essential to choose a professional piercer with specific experience in high nostril piercings.

Another challenge is the longer healing time associated with the high nostril piercing. Due to their placement in a more structurally complex area, these piercings typically take longer to heal, often requiring 4-6 months. During this period, proper aftercare and patience are key to ensuring successful healing and avoiding complications.

Decoding the Cost of High Nostril Piercings

A variety of factors influence the cost of high nostril piercings, causing it to vary significantly. Some factors to consider include:

  • Location: Prices are typically higher in larger cities.

  • Experience and reputation of the piercer: More experienced professionals often charge higher fees due to their expertise. You can learn more about the septum piercing costs and standard nose piercing costs for traditional nose piercings, too.

  • Jewelry: The type and quality of jewelry used can also affect the cost.

It’s important to research and consult with different piercers to get an accurate estimate for the cost of a high nostril piercing.

On average, the cost of a high nostril piercing at tattoo shops ranges from $30 to $80, but it can sometimes be as low as $20 or as high as $200. When considering the cost, it’s important to factor in not only the piercing fee but also the cost of high-quality nose piercing jewelry and aftercare products. Investing in these aspects ensures a smoother healing process and reduces the risk of complications.

Healing Journey: Aftercare for High Nostril Piercings

Ensuring a smooth healing process for high nostril piercings necessitates meticulous aftercare. Typically, these piercings take 4-6 months to heal, with common symptoms such as discomfort, tenderness, bruising, soreness and sometimes swelling during the initial weeks.

Swelling can last up to a month, making it essential to follow proper aftercare instructions closely.

To help with the healing process, key aftercare practices for an initial piercing include:

  • Not touching or twisting the jewelry

  • Avoiding makeup and dirty water near the area

  • Refraining from using substances like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the piercing

  • Keeping the piercing clean through gentle washing with soap, water, or saline solution

  • Ensuring dryness with clean towels

  • Showers are preferred over baths

  • Changing sheets and towels weekly helps maintain cleanliness

These practices are vital for proper healing.

Choosing the right jewelry can also aid in the healing process. Labret-style pieces are preferable for high nostril piercings due to the limited space, and nose studs should have a flat design to minimize snagging and debris accumulation. It’s important not to move the jewelry before it is fully healed to avoid pain and potential damage. The healing process can present challenges such as irritation and bumps, which may necessitate multiple visits to the piercer for adjustments. Proper aftercare and guidance from experienced individuals can help address these issues and ensure successful healing.

Traditional vs. High Nostril Piercings: A Comparison

A comparison of traditional and high nostril piercings reveals several stark differences. Here are the key differences:

  • A high nostril piercing generally has a longer healing time of 4-6 months

  • These piercings have a higher risk of infection relative to traditional nostril piercings

  • Traditional nostril piercings are placed in the softer, more flexible cartilage within the nostril’s crease or below, which typically allows for an easier healing process.

The position of the high nostril piercing is quite variable, ranging from just above the nostril crease to much higher on the nose based on the individual’s unique nasal structure. When planning a high nostril piercing, one must consider the person’s internal nasal features, such as sinus cavity width and septum alignment, which influence possible piercing locations. Because of this, some people prefer septum piercings when their own anatomy isn't conducive to these type of high nostril piercings.  

Choosing the Right Gauge for Your High Nostril Piercing

Choosing the right gauge size for your high nostril piercing plays a critical role in comfort and healing. Piercing professionals might opt for a thicker nose ring gauge, such as 16g or 14g, to increase the stability of the piercing and reduce the risk of irritation. These thicker gauges provide a sturdier piercing channel, which can be beneficial for the healing process.

The most common gauge size for high nostril piercings is the 18 gauge (1 mm), offering ease in placement and balance between durability and comfort. However, a smaller 20 gauge (0.8 mm) may also be used, depending on the individual’s preference and the piercer’s recommendation. You might want to consider the 18g vs 20g nose jewelry differences for choosing the right gauge as it ensures that the piercing is secure and minimizes potential complications during the healing process for both high nostril and regular nostril piercings.

Jewelry Selection for Fresh High Nostril Piercings

Jewelry selection for a fresh piercing, such as high nostril piercings, offers a variety of options to consider. Small studs or hoops are appropriate, with flat back plates preferable for comfort. Chains can also be a common choice, adding a unique aesthetic to the piercing. The initial jewelry should be longer to accommodate swelling from the piercing, although it may result in a temporary ‘snail antenna’ look until the swelling subsides.

Choosing simple jewelry made from hypoallergenic materials is recommended for healing high nostril piercings to reduce the risk of irritation. Cleansing Practices for High Nostril Piercings

Effectively healing high nostril piercings requires correct cleaning techniques. These piercings should be cleaned at least twice daily using saline solution or a specific aftercare spray to ensure proper hygiene and facilitate healing. It’s essential to gently clean the area and avoid using harsh substances like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, which can irritate the piercing.

Additionally, jewelry with straight-back posts should be avoided as they can harbor bacteria and contribute to the risk of infection. Following these cleansing practices helps maintain a clean piercing environment, reducing the risk of complications and promoting faster healing.


The unique aesthetic of high nostril piercings, attributed to their higher placement on the nasal bridge, sets them apart from traditional nostrils piercings. They can be styled with a diversity of jewelry, making them a versatile choice that can range from subtle to statement-making. The allure lies in their ability to draw attention and make a statement without overwhelming your look.

High nostril piercings are an excellent way to elevate your style with their unique placement and versatile jewelry options. From the understated elegance of a single high nostril piercing to the symmetrical appeal of double high nostrils, these piercings offer endless possibilities for expressing your individuality.

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