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Para Nostril Piercing: Flaunting It with Style and Ease

Para Nostril Piercing: Flaunting It with Style and Ease

What distinguishes a para nostril piercing from other nose piercings? Located just above the nostril crease, a para nostril piercing offers an eye-catching alternative that enhances facial features in a unique way. In this article, we explore the allure of this elevated piercing position, offer advice on the best jewelry options, and provide insights into the piercing process and maintenance. Embark on your piercing journey with confidence and all the information you need presented here.

Key Takeaways

  • The para nostril piercing is a unique and eye-catching facial piercing positioned above the natural crease of the nostril, suited for studs and labret style jewelry.

  • Getting a para nostril piercing involves choosing a skilled piercer, enduring minor discomfort during the procedure, and following strict aftercare routines to promote healing.

  • Proper healing of a para nostril piercing can take 4-6 months or more, requiring ongoing care and maintenance even after it’s fully healed to prevent closure.

Ever since 2006, the PlugYourHoles Brand has specialized in providing customers with quality body jewelry, including nose jewelry, and we wanted to prepare this guide for people to learn more about this unique type of piercing.

Exploring the Unique Charm of Para Nostril Piercings

When it comes to nose piercings, the para nostril variety stands out like a rare jewel. Situated just above the natural crease of your nostril, this type of nose piercing punches through the denser cartilage, making a statement that’s hard to miss. As it’s located nearer the nose bone, having your nose pierced in this unique spot adds a distinctive touch to your facial features.

But what exactly sets the para nostril piercing apart from its lower-placed relatives, and how can you ensure it shines on your visage without getting lost in the shuffle of everyday jewelry?

What Sets Para Nostril Piercing Apart?

Perched above the traditional nostril piercing zone, this little spark of rebellion dances between the eyes, drawing in onlookers with its unconventional charm.  Sometimes also referred to as a high nostril piercing, this type of piercing is often a conversation starter that sets you apart from the crowd with its elevated position and the unique visual appeal it brings to your profile.

Suitable Jewelry for Para Nostril Piercings

Selecting the perfect piece of nose jewelry for your para nostril piercing is much like choosing the right accessory for a stunning outfit—it needs to complement without overpowering. With the unique position of the para nostril piercing, standard nose rings won’t do the trick. Instead, think nose studs, L-shaped nose ring, and labret style jewelry that sit snugly in the higher terrain of your nasal bridge.

The Allure of a Higher Placement

There’s something undeniably captivating about a piercing that seems to float on the upper realms of the nose.  The strategic location of a para nostril piercing can play up your natural facial structure, throw a spotlight on your eyes, and add an edge to your overall look.

It’s not just a dot on the map of your face; it’s a beacon that can transform the way you see yourself and how others perceive you.

The Piercing Process: What to Expect

The journey to sporting a para nostril piercing begins with the piercing process itself—a series of steps that transform a simple thought into a beautiful reality. While the prospect of adding a new piercing to your collection can be thrilling, it’s normal to feel a flutter of nerves about the procedure. Worry not, as we walk you through what to expect, you’ll see there’s nothing to fear.

From selecting the right professional to handle the needle to the aftercare that follows, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need for a smooth piercing experience.

Choosing an Experienced Piercer

Illustration of a skilled piercer performing a para nostril piercing

The quest for the perfect para nostril piercing starts with a crucial choice: selecting the piercer. This is not a time for hasty decisions or impulse visits to the closest shop. The delicate art of the para nostril piercing calls for a skilled hand, someone with a track record of precision and a gentle touch.

Your chosen artist should be well-versed in the nuances of high nostril work, ensuring your piercing not only looks fantastic but is set up for an uncomplicated healing process.

During the Procedure: Minor Discomfort and Precision

As you recline in the chair, the moment of transformation draws near. A deep breath in, a sharp pinch, and it’s done—your nose is now adorned with a new piece of art. The procedure is swift, but it’s normal to experience a few minutes of eye-watering or even a sneeze or two. These reflexive reactions are your body’s way of saying “something’s up” but rest assured, they’re fleeting.

Through it all, the piercer’s precision is your best friend, ensuring the initial piercing and jewelry sit exactly where they should be for maximum impact and minimum fuss.

Aftercare Essentials

Once the initial adrenaline rush subsides and you’ve admired your new piercing in the mirror, it’s time to talk aftercare. Your piercer will be your guide, outlining a simple yet vital routine to keep your piercing clean and on the fast track to healing. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts—from the right way to cleanse the area to the activities and products you should steer clear of.

Embrace these aftercare rituals, for they are the guardians of your piercing’s future beauty and health.

Healing and Maintenance of Your Para Nostril Piercing

Once you’ve crossed the threshold of getting your para nostril piercing, the next chapter in your journey is healing and upkeep. This phase is a delicate dance where patience and attention to detail become your allies. Keeping your piercing clean, avoiding irritation, and recognizing the signs of a fully healed piercing are all parts of the process.

Navigating the Healing Process

The path to a fully healed para nostril piercing is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. With an average healing time of 4-6 months, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on the piercing’s progress. During this time, your piercing will go through various stages, and knowing what’s normal at each one will help you identify when it’s truly healed.

A consideration for the length of time of the healing process is the standard nose piercing gauge that your piercer uses so you'll want to ask your piercer which gauge size is used during your appointment.

Remember, appearances can be deceiving; just because the surface looks calm doesn’t mean the journey is over. Stay the course, follow your aftercare plan, and your piercing will reward you by settling beautifully into your life.

Long-Term Care for Your Piercing

Once your piercing has healed, the relationship you have with it shifts from caretaker to keeper. This means ensuring the jewelry remains in place, as even a healed piercing can close up faster than you might think. Whether you’re sleeping, showering, or living out your daily routine, your piercing jewelry is an integral part of you.

Neglecting it for even a short time could lead to a re-piercing conversation you’d rather not have.

When to Change Your Jewelry

After the healing phase, you might feel the itch to switch up your nose piercing jewelry, but when exactly is the right time to introduce new bling to your nostril? This is not a decision to rush; timing is everything. Consulting a professional piercer for advice on when and how to change your jewelry is a smart move. They’ll help you navigate this process with finesse, ensuring your piercing remains healthy and stylish as you experiment with different looks.


In the world of piercings, the para nostril variety is a true standout, offering a unique aesthetic that’s both edgy and sophisticated. From the careful selection of jewelry that complements its elevated position to the meticulous aftercare that ensures its longevity, every step in the journey of getting and maintaining a para nostril piercing is crucial. 

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