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Before you contact us, please check our FAQs for answers to our most popular questions!

EMAIL support@plugyourholes.com

*If you already have an order number, please include it in the subject line.

If you need to return a package, send us love letters or gifts (like candy), you can send them to the address below.

        1225 E. 18th St.
        Kansas City, MO 64108

Q: Why do you not have a phone number that I can call?

A: Let’s be honest here….. None of us want to answer it. Back in the day that wasn’t a good enough reason as loads of people would call in. Now…. we don’t live in the same world. Everyone is texting, chatting, DMing, or emailing. Once calls fell to something like 1% of customer service interactions, we made the call (Pun intended) to back away from phone support. Additionally it serves you better by doing it via the four other options. With our modern system, we’re able to have your info pulled up across multiple communication methods and see your order at the same time. All of that happens in one place and allows us to get you the info you need dramatically faster. 


We did this for you…… and maybe us as well. We did it for humankind? Yeah…. We’ll go with that. Humanity!