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The Story

Plug Your Holes 16 year skull crest


The year was 2006. Founder Sam Dean was between jobs with only his wife Laura’s income to support them. But, what started as a dream soon became a reality, as Sam used what savings he had left in his bank account to start PlugYourHoles.com.

Over the last 15 years, PlugYourHoles has accomplished more than most companies ever dream of, from sponsoring music festivals, traveling the globe, moving from Duluth to Kansas City, putting out records, skateboards, band collaborations, and much more. Of course, it’s crazy to think a small homemade company can turn into a cultural powerhouse as PYH did, but then again, the truth is stranger than fiction.

There’s never any shortage of surprises PlugYourHoles will throw your way, so it’s best to join in and be a part of the ride.