Our Story

After 6 years of touring in multiple bands, Plugyourholes founder/owner Sam Dean found himself without a band, and without a job. With only his wife Laura's income, they sold everything they had, and instead of paying bills Sam went out and stood in line with friends to wait for the launch of a popular new video gaming system. After purchasing 7 of them, along with some "Tickle Me Elmos", they posted them all online and watched in complete disbelief as the amount that people were willing to pay for them seemed to have no ceiling.

They took that money, and once again chose not to pay the bills. Instead they went out and built a modest website and stocked it with the best plugs that they could find, and afford. The thought process behind this, was that they were sick of paying mall and tattoo shop prices for items that they knew were dramatically less expensive. Within a short time Plugyourholes became very successful, and all of the bills were finally paid.

Now, more than 10 years later, Plugyourholes sits atop a very competitive field in both clothing and body jewelry. In 2009 Plugyourholes had moved out of the Dean family residence to an office in downtown Duluth, MN. 2 years later in 2011 the company again moved. This time the move was to more centralized Kansas City, Mo. Over the first 10+ years of Plugyourholes, the company has done 7 years of the Vans Warped Tour, Bamboozle Fest, Soundwave (Aus), SXSW, Riot Fest, and much more. In addition to that, the website has over 80,000 customers and has fulfilled thousands upon thousands of orders.

The future is bright for Plugyourholes. Witness the rest for yourself.