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Stretching 101


Time tested advice to help keep your ears looking gorgeous.


Healing, sealing, and great feeling. Ear Butter is just the right flavor of ear stretching care for your ears.
Sam talks about the ingredients and their benefits.



A 160 year old measuring system and the conversion problems that have
stemmed from the popularity of body jewelry around the world.


10 fun facts about ear stretching and plugs, just because.



Sam tackles the much requested issue of blowouts and how to deal with them.




What? You thought that there wouldn't be some horror stories surrounding the art of stretching piercings in our ears to preposterous sizes?
Well we asked, and we received. Now here they are!







Is silicone sh!t?



Is acrylic bad?

Why do my ears stink?

I got the wrong size?

How big is too big?