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Acrylic Plugs & Tunnels

 Acrylic plugs are lightweight and easy to clean. They are a great option for anyone who may have allergies or sensitivities to metal. Acrylic plugs are non-porous and durable, meaning they will last a long time without breaking or wearing down. We do not recommend acrylic plugs for everyday use and urge you not to stretch with acrylic or put it in freshly stretched and unhealed piercings.


White Acrylic Plugs
Black Acrylic Plugs
Blue Acrylic Plugs
Red Acrylic Plugs
Green Acrylic Plugs
Pink Acrylic Plugs
Purple Acrylic Plugs
Clear Acrylic Plugs
Amber Acrylic Plugs
Black Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
White Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Clear Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Blue Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Red Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Yellow Acrylic Plugs
Hunter Green Acrylic Plugs
Grey Acrylic Plugs
Light Orange Acrylic Plugs
Glow in the Dark Neon Green Acrylic Plugs
Glow in the Dark Neon Blue Acrylic Plugs
Neon Orange Acrylic Plugs
Beetlejuice Adam & Barbara - Image Plugs (The Limited Black Series)
Bateman Psycho - Image Plugs
A Clockwork Orange Acrylic Image Plugs
Neon Jack'o'Lantern Acrylic Image Plugs
Neon Twilight Reaper Acrylic Image Plugs