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Stone Plugs

Explore our extensive collection of stone plugs and tunnels, available in a wide range of sizes. Our stone plugs and tunnels encompass a vibrant spectrum of colors, including amethyst, tiger's eye, green aventurine, rainbow fluorite, grey agate, black obsidian, and more. Take your pick from double-flared or single-flared stone plugs, featuring flat, rounded, or concave sides. Stone plugs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a safe choice for healed stretched ears. Discover the perfect stone plug for your style, whether it's a classic solid black stone or a captivating labradorite design.



Opal Stone Plugs
Moondevite Stone Plugs
Green Aventurine Stone Plugs
Turquoise Stone Plugs
Tiger's Eye Stone Plugs
Aurora Stone Tunnels
Peach Jade Stone Plugs
Denim Lapis Stone Plugs
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Amethyst Stone Plugs
Black Agate Convex Plugs
Black Agate Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Obsidian Snowflake Stone Plugs
Howlite Stone Plugs
Rose Quartz Stone Plugs
Amethyst Stone Tunnels
Purple Aurora Stone Plugs
Black Agate Stone Tunnels
Moss Quartz Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Black Agate Heart Stone Plugs
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Opal Stone Tunnels
Amazonite Stone Plugs
Save 70%
Amazonite Stone Plugs
From $510 $1699
Lapis Lazuli Stone Plugs
Save 70%
Green Opal Stone Tunnels
Black Agate Single Flared Stone Plugs
Black Turquoise Stone Tunnels
Amethyst Single Flared Stone Plugs
Opal Single Flared Stone Plugs
Grey Cat's Eye Concave Stone Plugs
Red Jasper Stone Plugs
Blue & Red Malachite Stone Plugs
Purple Aurora Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Moss Quartz Stone Plugs
Opal Stone Heart Plugs
Purple Vampire Agate Stone Plugs
Maul Malachite Stone Plugs
Rose Quartz Single Flared Stone Plugs
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