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Wood Plugs & Tunnels

Our wide selection of wood plugs and tunnels offers a diverse range of colors and styles. From engraved and carved options, our collection includes various decorative choices like wood spirals, hoops, and hangers. While wood plugs are lightweight and comfortable, we advise using them only for healed piercings due to their porous nature that can harbor bacteria leading to infections in fresh piercings or stretched ears. It's important to note that organic wooden ear jewelry can be damaged by water, so it's best to avoid wearing them during water activities. Please keep in mind that natural materials like stone and wood may have slight variations in color and pattern, resulting in unique pieces of jewelry, although we strive to provide matching sets.



Sono Wood Plugs
Saba Convex Wood Plugs
Crocodile Wood Tunnels
Crocodile Convex Wood Plugs
Areng Flower Carved Wood Tunnels
Sono Wood Tunnels
Sono Wood Heart Shaped Tunnels
Palm Wood Plugs
Cherry Wood Heart Shaped Wood Plugs
Abalone Inlay Sono Wood Plugs
Areng Step Wood Tunnels
Abalone Inlay Teardrop Sono Wood Plugs
Palm Wood Thin Wall Tunnels
Coffin Cut Sono Wood Tunnels
Gold Concave Inlay Sono Wood Plugs
Saba Wood Concave Plugs
Rose Gold Concave Inlay Sono Wood Plugs
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Tamarin Convex Wood Plugs
Crushed White Howlite Target Inlay Sono Wood Plugs
Save 70%
Striped Teak Inlayed Areng Concave Wood Tunnels
Mandala Carved Sono Wood Tunnels
Shark Tear Drop Sawo Wood Plugs - (PYH Exclusive)
Honeycomb Crocodile Wood Plugs
Sono Wood Crescent Saddles
Crushed Turquoise Inlay Sono Wood Plugs
Tear Drop Sono Wood Plugs
Button Wood Plugs
Save 70%
Button Teak Wood Plugs
From $870 $2899
Crocodile Wood Crescent Saddles
Save 70%
Alien Carved Sawo Wood Plugs
Tear Drop Tamarin Wood Plugs
Crocodile Wood Heart Shaped Tunnels
Saba Wood Concave Tunnels
Crushed Turquoise Triangle Inlay Teardrop Sono Wood Plugs
Teak Offset Hole Concave Wood Plugs
Save 70%
Abalone Inlay Coffin Cut Sawo Wood Plugs
Filagree Star Carved Sawo Wood Plugs
Save 70%
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