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Ear Stretching Kit & Packs

Sizing up can be hard sometimes, let us help you out with some pre-made ear stretching kits! Our very own Ear Butter and some steel tapers is all you need to achieve your ear stretching goals.


Size Up Pack - Internally Threaded
Save 50%
Ear Butter
Ear Butter
From $1299
Ear Butter Black (with Activated Charcoal)
Ear Butter - Lemon Haze
New in
Ear Butter - Beach
New in
Size Up Pack
Winter Silicone Ear Skins - 3 Pack [Snow Pearl, Ocean Blue Pearl, Gold Pearl]
Random Bag Of Plugs
Essentials Plug and Tunnels Pack
16g - 0g Starter Kit

Whether you're a seasoned stretcher or a beginner looking to embark on your stretching journey, investing in a high-quality ear stretching kit is essential for achieving safe and successful results. From ear tapers to glass tunnels jewelry, these kits provide everything you need to stretch your ears to the desired size with ease.

For anyone interested in ear stretching, you can start at your default size with these kits to start to size-up to get results. Choose sizes and color preferences of your desired kit when shopping online and benefit from PlugYourHoles.com's commitment to customer satisfaction today!

Why shop ear stretching kits at PlugYourHoles.com?

When it comes to purchasing kits, PlugYourHoles.com is your one-stop destination for quality, convenience, and exceptional service. Our extensive collection of ear stretching kits is curated with great quality and offers a variety of options to suit every stretching journey. Whether you're aiming for a subtle stretch or striving to reach the coveted 1 inch mark (or larger!), our kits provide the tools and guidance needed to achieve your desired size safely and effectively.

At PlugYourHoles.com, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. With our user-friendly interface and responsive customer service team, purchasing your ear stretching kit is super easy and hassle-free.