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Best Types of Body Jewelry: For Lobes, Septums & Hybrid Piercing Stretch Styles

Body Piercing Stretching Jewelry

Stretching ears jewelry (Stretching Jewelry) is the form of body jewelry used to stretch body piercings.

Stretching jewelry is used to expand the diameter of the piercing hole, gradually over time, using body jewelry designed for that piercing type, which then expands the piercing hole enabling larger jewelry to be inserted into the hole in order to be worn comfortably. The main stretching jewelry types are for ears and septums, however some types of jewelry can be used interchangeably in either piercing type.

All body jewelry isn't interchangeable as some jewelry types may not be suitable for inserting into other types of piercings because of the pressure of the clasps according to researchers at American Academy of Pediatrics (2017). In essence, it depends on the type of jewelry you're trying to insert and into which type of piercing.

As a result, questions arise regarding ear stretching jewelry, septum stretching jewelry and which types of jewelry can be inserted. We answer those topics as well as address the unique characteristics of ear stretching jewelry, septum stretching jewelry, and hybrid stretching jewelry. Additionally, factors are discussed such as gender-based preferences and choosing appropriate sizes for optimal results in this article.

Body Piercing Jewelry is designed and manufactured particularly for its use in body piercings. In the world of body art, three main types of piercing stretching jewelry play a significant role in achieving desired aesthetics and comfort. As you explore various jewelry options, it's essential to understand the different styles available for each piercing type.

The most common piercing stretching jewelry types are plugs for stretched ears and clickers for stretched septums. As a consumer, we know you have thousands of options online to select the particular jewelry matching the comfort, style, dimensions, along with the ornamental style you desire -- all using the body safe material and styles you expect from the PlugYourHoles.com brand. Below are the top considerations when choosing body jewelry:

  • Choosing the right piercing stretching jewelry style can be a challenge if you're just starting as you'll be confronted with jewelry options spanning a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and more all for the purpose of showcasing your stretched ear or nose piercing.
  • The main differences between men and women with piercing jewelry are plug size, material options, design patterns and colors. For example, Men's Body Jewelry typically is more bolder while Women's Body Jewelry is more delicate.
  • Body jewelry under $35 can be found online with the style and material being the biggest factors affecting cost; personalized engravings and limited-edition runs of select products are also price considerations. The least expensive jewelry for stretching are $7.99 clickers used for both stretched ears and septums, while the high-end options, like, Filigree Copper Earrings go for $89.99 online.

Aesthetic appeal of jewelry donned and its durability is why customers continue to the benefit from their purchases at PlugYourHoles.com, but you have to be careful out there because not all jewelry is created equal. In this guide, we'll cover the types of stretching jewelry for stretched ears and stretched septums, the body jewelry suitable for inserting in both ears and septums, what to know about the different styles of stretching jewelry, where to get additional guidance when purchasing stretched piercing jewelry online so you can craft your image accordingly.

Below is a table showing the major types of body jewelry.

Body Jewelry Type Use Purposes Example Jewelry Price Range
Earlobes Inserting into Earlobes to wear Earrings, Hoops, Plugs, Tunnels, Hangers & Weights, Custom-Designed Plugs, Teardrops $7.99 - $99.99
Septums Inserting into the Septum to wear Clickers, Rings, Hoops, Barbells, Horseshoes, Plugs $12.99 - $14.99
Hybrid Inserting into Earlobes or Septum to wear Clickers, Plugs, Hoops $12.99 - $99.99

Body jewelry inserts into particular types of piercings however sometimes the jewelry purchased is considered a hybrid and can fit into multiple types of body piercings.

By understanding these nuances within the realm of stretched piercings, you can make informed decisions about your personal body modification journey while maintaining healthy healing processes. So join us as we uncover valuable insights on Stretching Jewelry that cater to your diverse needs and preferences.

Table of Contents

The manufacturing of jewelry for body piercings, include, non-flared and flared jewelry, external thread jewelry, heavy jewelry and Body Piercing Jewelry Set options, all available to purchase depending on your size and preference.


1. Expand Your Style with Ear Stretching Jewelry

Ear stretching jewelry is a popular way to add some edge to your look. Stretching ears jewelry is inserted into stretched earlobes and is available in many styles. This allows more versatility with sizing options as you can use jewelry to expand ear gauges up to 2 inches diameter or more, depending on your stretching preference. With stretched lobes, jewelry such as plugs, tunnels (earrings with holes), hangers and hoops are all available for you.

Materials such as steel, stone, glass, wood, acrylic and silicone are available with ear jewelry which come in many color options ranging from dark to brighter hues to choose.

Stretched ear jewelry is great for many face shapes: faces such as oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear and oblong all are able to rock ear plugs and tunnels stylishly. Just like the long tradition of body piercing stretching, age-appropriate body jewelry is available ranging from flashy pieces for younger consumers to more subtle plug stones for the mored evolved audience.

Start small and work your way up to your desired jewelry size for a unique and personalized style.

View ear stretching jewelry

Stretched ears jewelry is only one choice, though, for stretched piercings. Alternatively, you can opt for jewelry for inserting into the septum.


2. Use Septum Stretching Jewelry for Larger Options

Septum stretching jewelry is specifically designed for the septum piercing, which is located in the tip of the cartilage that separates your nostrils. Similar to stretched lobes, septums can stretch to fit larger jewelry options, too. Unlike lobes though, with septum stretches, you don't risk of the piercing hole closing up, so you can insert, remove or hide septum piercings as you wish all with septum stretching jewelry of your choice.

With septum jewelry, you're likely looking for more of the types like clickers, barbells, captive bead rings and horseshoes, though septums also can accommodate plugs at your appropriate size.

The jewelry for septum piercings differs from earlobe jewelry in that its thickness varies within a range from 14 gauge to 18 gauge, typically. The diameter of a septum plug is crucial in determining its suitability for your face shape. If you have elongated or angular nose features, larger diameters might be the way to go. For length of the jewelry for septums, you can choose between a range of 6mm to 14mm for most jewelry of this type, depending on the design.

Materials for this jewelry ranges from surgical stainless steel to gold, with ornate accents such as opal and gems. Depending on material quality and design intricacy, prices can vary from affordable ($7.99) to high-end.

All genders rock this style equally well at any event or occasion. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or simply want to make a statement on an everyday basis, there are plenty of jewelry options available to suit your needs. There's no specific age range for wearing this kind of jewelry; it's all about personal preference and comfort level.

View septum stretching jewelry

Stretched septum jewelry can sometimes be used interchangeably with stretched ears. Below are the hybrid options for using jewelry in either piercing site.


3. Own Versatile Stretching (Hybrid) Jewelry

Versatile stretching jewelry gives you the option for which piercing to insert. As a hybrid option, you choose whether you put the jewelry in your earlobes, septum or other body piercing.

Uniquely combining multiple body safe materials, designs and styles to create a distinctive look, hybrid body jewelry is an ideal choice for those wishing to make a statement. These pieces combine different materials, designs, and styles to create one-of-a-kind accessories that can be worn in various piercings.

The main feature of hybrid stretching jewelry is its combination of use for stretching earlobes and septums along with other piercings such as navel, lip piercings, and more. Hybrid jewelry offers endless possibilities for customization, with a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Ideal for adult aged consumers of all genders, hybrid stretching jewelry is a versatile accessory that can be worn by anyone and nearly anywhere there's a piercing. Perfect for casual wear or special occasions like concerts, hybrid stretching jewelry is a great way to express your unique style.

A major advantage of owning hybrid stretching jewelry is its versatility - it allows you to mix-and-match different pieces according to your style preferences. However, some people may find certain combinations uncomfortable due to varying material properties. Ultimately, choosing the right hybrid body jewelry depends on individual taste, comfort level, and desired aesthetic appeal.


What to Know About Different Styles of Stretching Jewelry?

Stretching jewelry comes in various styles, each with its unique features and characteristics. Beyond plugs and tunnels, sophisticated shoppers seek certain attributes with their jewelry such as double flare plugs, single flare plugs, no flare plugs, and teardrop plug options when it comes to their ear jewelry.

Similarly, with septum jewelry, straight barbells, curved barbells, circular barbells, captive bead rings, seamless and hinged rings, along with nose rings are features sought for septum stretching. Before buying any jewelry, it's important to be aware of the various styles and their individual features.

Different hinges and flares are available depending on personal preference and comfort level while wearing them. Understanding how these options affect your experience helps you make an informed decision when choosing your next piece of stretching jewelry.

NOTE: Traditionally, body modifications have been carried out with materials like wood, bone, stone and metal since ancient times. These cultures used materials like wood, bone, stone, or metal for their body modifications. With the nature of body jewelry and its evolution throughout the centuries, many of the styles remain unchanged though have become applicable for all genders as civilization has evolved.


How do Body Jewelry Types differ based on Gender?

Gender plays a role for some people in choosing the right body jewelry. Some men and women have unique tastes in body jewelry, with men typically favoring bolder pieces while women often opt for more delicate designs.

Women piercing jewelry typically involve smaller gauges for a more subtle appearance, intricate patterns featuring gemstones or other decorative elements, along with vibrant color choices including pastels and bright shades of plugs. However, some like it with heavy gold earrings, instead.


How to Choose Stretching Jewelry for Women

Women's body jewelry ranges from fashionable options to use for stretching lobes, septums and more with body piercing jewelry for women being more delicate and ornate. Choosing the perfect stretching jewelry for women can be a daunting task, but fear not. Of the 72% of the pierced population identifying as women, a considerable proportion have stretched ears, so we want to cover some of the basics for helping you to choose appropriate stretching jewelry.

It's best to have a variety of jewelry available for you if you're unsure which style looks best.

Sizes typically range from small gauges (e.g. 20g - 14g) up to larger sizes such as one inch or even beyond. You can style it up by choosing designs that suit your personal taste while being mindful of any dress codes at work or social events you attend regularly. Some popular styles among women include teardrop-shaped plugs, ornate tunnels with intricate designs on flares (floral plugs, for example), and dangle-style earrings that hang below the stretched lobe.

Females tend to choose more delicate pieces with brighter hues of materials like specialty glass, acrylics, or precious metals (e.g. gold). Masculine materials like stainless steel or wood are popular among males.

Men typically prefer bigger plugs having larger designs with darker colors or metallic finishes, simpler designs that emphasize size and shape over embellishments, and darker color palettes such as black, silver, or earth tones.


How to Choose Stretching Jewelry for Men

Men's body jewelry ranges from stylish options to use for stretching earlobes, septums and more with body piercing jewelry. Approximately 28% of the pierced population identify as men, and of that, a smaller proportion have stretched ears -- so it can be difficult to find details on offerings available for these guys.

Consider a variety of jewelry types if you're unsure which style looks best for you so you.

When it comes to selecting the perfect stretching jewelry for men, there are a few key factors to consider. Beyond material choice, consider your preferred style of plugs or tunnels. Some popular styles among men include single flare plugs (ideal for fresh stretches), double flare plugs (for healed piercings), screw-back tunnels (offering added security), and teardrop-shaped designs (adding a unique aesthetic).

The choice of body jewelry also depends on the event or occasion it is being worn for. For instance, men may opt for simpler pieces during formal events, while women might choose more elaborate designs for special occasions. Ultimately, personal style and comfort guides your decision when selecting body jewelry.

Now that you know what to look for, go ahead and choose the perfect stretching jewelry for you.


Which Jewelry Types are Better for Stretching than Others?

All varieties of body jewelry for stretching piercings should be internal threaded or threadless.

Wearing the proper jewelry affects stretching. Using jewelry made of materials such as stainless steel or glass are less porous than those made of bone which reduces the risk of infection, for example.

By considering glass plugs (for stretched ears) or stainless steel clickers (stretched septums), for example, these types of jewelry are neutral and help you along your piercing stretching journey without fail.


How does Choosing Jewelry Sizes for Stretching Work?

Since ear piercings are the top stretched piercing type, with septum piercings not far behind, we'll help you understand how choosing these jewelry sizes work.

When selecting jewelry for stretching, it is essential to determine the right size; however, various sizing systems can make this a perplexing process. Confusion can arise when attempting to decide which sizing system to use for stretching piercings. Let's break it down.

Founder of Plug Your Holes, Sam Dean, covers this sizing topic on the Break Down:



Measurement System Description
Millimeters Worldwide, millimeters are the most direct measurement system, specifying the exact diameter of the jewelry in millimeters.

In the US, Gauge Sizes are based on an inverse scale where smaller numbers represent larger diameters. So, a lower gauge like 0g has a larger diameter than higher gauges such as 16g or even 18g.


In the US, inches can also be used to measure stretching jewelry sizes, but they're less commonly seen due to their imprecision compared to mm and gauge measurements.

When stretching, you start with the original size of the piercing and stretch incrementally to your desired goal size. Using jewelry and/or tools during the gauge expander process, it's important to understand the difference between gauges so you can safely stretch from the microscopic holes of an original piercing to a size larger until you reach your desired size. You size up by going one larger gauge at a time.

For example, an earlobe piercing hole can expand several inches wide, if desired. Ear gauge sizes range from 20g to 00g and wider, in some cases. After 00g, sizes convert into inches or millimeters, and depending on your personal preferences, you can stretch to the desired size to fit your style.


What are the Different Styles of Jewelry for Different Piercing Types to Stretch?

With body piercings, you have many different styles of jewelry available to choose. Whether its hangers and weights, clickers, hoops, earrings (for a regular earring piercing), plugs, or tunnels, the options are open for you. The main piercing types are jewelry for earlobes and septums so we'll focus the attention on different styles of jewelry for your stretched ears and septum piercings.

A variety of jewelry styles exist to suit your needs. But, the type of piercing you have determines which jewelry options are best for you. Here are the top 2 popular piercing types and their corresponding stretching jewelry options:



Earlobe stretches typically use plugs or tunnels made from materials like acrylic, silicone, glass, wood, or metal. These can be single flared (with one wider end), double flared (wider at both ends), or no flare with an O-ring to keep them in place.

View how to choose jewelry for ear stretching



Septum stretches often involve horseshoe barbells or circular barbells made from surgical steel or glass. Clickers and retainers are also used for more discreet looks during the healing process.

View how to choose jewelry for septum stretching


When choosing body jewelry, consider factors like comfortability during wear and ease of insertion/removal. By understanding different styles available for various piercing types, you can make informed decisions about which pieces best suit your needs while maintaining healthy stretched piercings.


How to Choose Jewelry for Ear Stretching

To choose appropriate jewelry for ear stretching, do the following:

  1. The first thing you need to do in determining your jewelry options is to consider the appropriate jewelry material based on your current stretching stage-- use steel or glass, if you're just starting to stretch or if you simply want to be on the safe-side.

  2. Next, find the style of jewelry you want. For instance, are you seeking some dangles to flaunt, or something more subtle? Something custom or engraved or a certain style you've seen an influencer wearing? Select your favorites -- the choice is up to you!

  3. Finally, shop the ear gauges, plugs and tunnels collection, add to cart the products you like and complete your order. Your products ship quickly and you can easily track your order until it arrives.

You have many options for ear stretching jewelry at PlugYourHoles.com that can accommodate ear piercing holes of any size.


How to Choose Jewelry for Septum Stretching

To choose appropriate jewelry for septum stretching, do the following:

  1. The first step is narrow your choices to septum jewelry in your preferred gauge thickness and length.

  2. Next, select the type of single flared plug, ring (eg captive bead ring, clicker ring, etc), retainer or barbell you like that is available in your desired size.

  3. Finally, add the products to your cart and checkout. The products process and ship quickly so you can receive them in the mail and start wearing.

If this is your first order on PlugYourHoles.com, we encourage you to get a discount on your first order by joining the VIP Text Club, free to sign-up.


What are the Most Known Stretching Jewelry Types?

The most known stretching jewelry types are for ear piercings followed by septum piercings. Other piercings such as lips, eyebrows, navel and genital piercings are distant relatives to the most popular options so we'll focus on which types of jewelry are best to fit earlobes and septums.


What are the Best Plugs and Tunnels?

Plugs and tunnels fit inside stretched earlobes, and are typically made of solid material while tunnels look like hollowed out plugs.

Used mostly for ears, certain plugs (of appropriate size) can also be inserted in a stretched septum. However, decorative options such as single flare jade plugs, wooden plugs, and kit tapers plugs are sought mostly for earlobes.

Today, prices for modern designed plugs and tunnels range from $4.99 per pair of Denim Lapis Stone Plugs to $51.99 for the Froggy Leaf Sawoo Wood Tunnels, and are found at sometimes higher prices.


What are the Best Weights and Hangers?

Weights and Hangers are decorative jewelry used for stretched ears that hang heavy on the ears. If you experience irritation with the earlobe during a stretch, don’t choose to wear heavy jewelry-- instead, stick with stretching jewelry materials suitable for your current size without the added weight. If that's not a problem, and your stretched ears are healthy, then check out some of the best hangers for ears.

Traditionally, weights for ears were used in various forms. For example, Golden Ear Cuffs are a type of ear jewelry traditionally worn in the South Indian provinces. The Maasai Tribe of East Africa are known for their wrapped bead work as their preference for ear jewelry.

Prices for ear weights and hangers range from $16.50 per pair of Blue Sandstone Round Keyhole Stone Hangers to $99.99 for the pair of Cobra Head Brass Hangers.


What are the Best Earrings?

The best earrings for sensitive earlobes are typically crafted from materials such as gold, platinum, or silver.

Earrings are the starting point from piercing to stretched ears. Originating from in Asia over 7000 years ago, upper-class Egyptians adopted the use of ear piercings to signify their status as the trend gained momentum throughout the ages.

To style while stretching, earrings remain popular and can be observed by a greater proportion of the adult population today.

Coupling as dangly hangers for some stretched piercings, prices for earrings vary from $8.75 for a pair of Black Spider Dangle Hoop Steel Earrings to as much as $89.99 for a pair of Freesia Filigree Copper Earrings.


What are the Best Nose Hoops?

Nose hoops are a type of popular nose ring style used for nostril and septum piercings.

As far back as 4000 years ago, nose hoops were used in Middle Eastern civilizations as decorative body art. A golden nose hoop was referred to as a “Shanf” in the book of Genesis where Abraham’s servant gifted a young Rebekah Shanfs along with other trinkets as a marriage offering.

Today, nose hoops are still adored and are affordable. For example, prices for nose hoops range an average of $12.99 for a Gem Ring Steel Clicker or Filigree Wave Steel Septum Clicker online.


What are the Best Septum Rings?

Septum rings, also referred to as a bull ring, are inserted into the septum piercing of the nose.

This type of jewelry can be traced from many tribes around the world, including, ancient India, African Tribes, Kangi Tribes of New Guinea, Tribes in Bangladesh and the Native American Indians.

Today there are many septum ring types available to suit your personal preferences. Prices for septum rings range from $7.99 for a Spiral Spiked Barbell up to $14.99 for a Rose Gold Roped Steel Clicker with Opalite Gem.


What are the Most Known Stretching Jewelry Accessories?

The most known stretching jewelry accessories are packages and kits for simple stretching followed by tapers. Other accessories such as jewelry boxes are the most popular options so we'll focus on which types of accessories are best to consider when stretching.


What are the Best Packs and Kits?

Piercing stretching kits and packs are combo items grouped up to help you simply stretch the piercing to the next gauge sizes. Kit gauges range from 16G to 0G.

According to Google Trends, since the first spike in demand in 2003, stretching kits became more popular. To meet the demand, body jewelry manufacturers began supplying ear stretching kits to offer consumers in efforts to help standardize healthy stretching.

The stretching packs and kits range in prices from $17.99 for the Size Up Pack to $119.99 for the 16G - 0G Starter Kit. In addition, aftercare lubricants hygienic products such as Ear Butter are commonly purchased with kits to aid in the stretching process.


What are the Best Tapers?

Tapers are most known for their utility for helping to stretch an ear piercing hole, however, some people prefer to wear them as jewelry. With ear tapers, you can use the tapering method for stretching ears safely.

The steel tapers used for ear stretching help you to stretch earlobes during stretch sessions with little effort and are reusable for stretching to larger gauge sizes. Historically, other objects were used as tapers such as materials made of wood or bone for the purpose of gradually increasing the diameter of the piercing hole.

Today, prices for a taper range from $5 for Acrylic Tapers (available in Clear, Blue, Black, White or Red) to $9.99 for Steel Tapers.


What is the Best Jewelry Box?

An ear gauge storage box is used as a jewelry box to store your collection of plugs and tunnels during your stretching journey. A jewelry box for plugs comes in handy when you're sizing up as it encloses your jewelry to keep it safe from the elements.

Jewelry boxes were functional tools since around 5000 BC in ancient Egypt as it was believed that certain types of jewelry (such as the plugs worn by King Tut!) would be beneficial for them in the afterlife since that jewelry had a spiritual aspect. Nowadays, plug boxes are still held with high importance as collectibles though they are used more practically for storing jewelry when switching out during stretching phases.

Today prices for custom engraved plugboxes range from $7.79 for a Bummer Skull Engraved Plug Box up to $22.99 for Custom Image Engraved Plug Boxes.


Where to get more Expert Guidance for Stretched Piercing Jewelry?

By helping people stretch piercings at Plug Your Holes, becoming the ear stretching guide for thousands of customers since 2006, we know that even having all of the right information in the Piercing Stretching 101 Guide, it can still be challenging to find the expertise desired for individual circumstances when stretching piercings and selecting the proper stretched piercing jewelry. That's why our team at PlugYourHoles.com are here help you with stretching septums and ear stretching tips along your journey. We encourage you to use our live chat feature on the website or contact us with any questions you have regarding your purchase.