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Tapers (Ear Stretchers)

Shop tapers for ears designed to help stretch your ears using the taper tool.  Tapers come in sizes ranging from 18g to 00g and are available in a variety of materials from steel to acrylic, to suit your style. 



Black Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Clear Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Steel Tapers
White Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Blue Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Red Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%

Insert tapers into your ears to begin the ear stretching process gradually and safely. Stretch your ear lobes to the desired size using tapers, ensuring a comfortable and controlled stretching experience. Gradually increase taper size as your ears adapt to stretching, allowing for steady progress towards your desired ear size. Ear tapers are essential tools for gradually increasing the size of ear piercings.

Taper gauges to increased sizes gradually, safely and effectively with our wide selection of ear stretching tapers, now available in many unique colors and styles! From beginners to seasoned stretchers, tapers play a vital role in achieving the desired ear size safely and effectively.

Why shop tapers at PlugYourHoles.com?

When it comes to ear stretching, PlugYourHoles.com is your ultimate destination for quality tapers and ear stretching kits. Our comprehensive collection of ear stretching kits includes a variety of tapers, ear stretchers, and accessories to cater to every stretching journey. With options ranging from acrylic to titanium, gold to glass, we offer tapers in various materials to suit your style and preferences. Plus, with our first-order discounts and fast shipping, PlugYourHoles.com ensures a seamless shopping experience for all your ear stretching needs.