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Mens Ear Piercings: The Ultimate Guide

Mens Ear Piercings: The Ultimate Guide

Curious about mens ear piercings? Whether it’s your first time or you’re adding more body piercings, this guide covers all you need. Learn how to choose a studio, the types of piercings, and aftercare essentials. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing a reputable piercing studio, preferably with APP membership, is essential for health, hygiene, and a quality piercing experience.

  • Men have diverse ear piercing options like earlobe, helix, tragus, industrial, and conch piercings, as well as alternatives like septum piercings.

  • Proper aftercare is crucial for healing, with earlobe piercings healing faster (4-6 weeks) and cartilage piercings taking longer (4 months to a year). Avoid touching and use mild cleansers for best results.

Since 2006, PlugYourHoles.com has been the resource for people seeking unique body jewelry and earrings to add to their jewelry collections. As we've heard from customers over the years, we decided to put together this quick guide to point in you the right direction when getting your pierced ears.

Choosing the Right Piercing Studio

When you’re set to get your ears pierced, the first step is as crucial as the piercing itself—choosing the right studio. Not all studios are created equal, and the decision you make here can be the difference between a piercing you’re proud of and one that’s a source of regret. But with a few savvy tips, you’ll be on the right track to finding a piercing haven that checks all the boxes for professionalism, hygiene, and artistry.

Let’s cut to the chase—why should you care about APP membership of the piercer you choose? The Association of Professional Piercers is the gatekeeper of piercing excellence. Studios with APP membership are the crème de la crème, adhering to rigorous health and safety standards that ensure your piercing experience is top-notch. 

The maestro behind the needle—the piercer—is your guide in performing the piercing for you so check for certifications that scream expertise and experience that whispers confidence. Don’t just take their word for it; dive into reviews and testimonials, and maybe even pay the studio a pre-piercing visit to get the vibe of the place. Cleanliness, professionalism, and a welcoming atmosphere are your clues that you’ve struck gold.

Types of Ear Piercings for Men

The world of ear piercings for men is as diverse as it is intriguing. From the classic earlobe piercing to the more avant-garde cartilage options, there’s a style for every personality. But where to start? Let’s talk about the most common and the most daring, giving you a palette to choose from for your next—or first—pierced ear adventure.

The different types of ear piercings include:

  • Earlobe piercing: the quintessential choice, a timeless classic that’s perfect for those getting their ear pierced for the first time

  • Helix piercing: offers a subtle edge without going overboard, climbing the ear cartilage ladder

  • Tragus piercing: gives a “look-at-me” vibe, for the bold souls

  • Industrial piercing: links two piercings with a single piece of jewelry for a statement that screams originality

  • Conch piercing: nestled within the ear’s cartilage for an unexpected twist, perfect for those who want something unique.

And for those who dare to be different, there’s the rook and daith piercings, each offering a signature look that’s anything but ordinary. But why stop at one? Embrace multiple piercings to showcase a curated collection of earrings, making your ears a canvas for your personal expression.

Men Dangle Earrings Option

Dangle earrings for men offer an unique option for men with pierced ears.  You can also shop dangly earrings and plugs if you're looking for more flair.


Alternative Men Piercings

But who says you have to stick to the ears?

Beyond pierced ears, the next most popular form of piercings for men include the nose, especially the septum of the nose.

Mens Septum Piercing Option

The septum piercing, a bold foray into the space between your nostrils, is a trend that’s been embraced by fearless style icons and male celebrities alike. It’s a versatile choice, allowing you to wear distinctive septum jewelry that can be hidden or flaunted depending on your mood.

If the nose calls out to you, general nose piercings offer even more jewelry options, from standard rings to studs that can elevate your piercing game.

The Ear Piercing Process: What to Expect

Ever wondered what goes on behind the curtain of the piercing studio? Here’s the lowdown: a professional piercer will wield a sterilized piercing needle, ideally: not a piercing gun, to give you that precise and clean puncture you’re after. Why the needle love? It’s all about accuracy and minimizing trauma to your ear’s delicate tissue, something the piercing gun’s brute force can’t match.

Healing Time and Aftercare for Ear Piercings

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to healing your new piercing. Earlobes are the sprinters of the piercing world, typically healed within 4 to 6 weeks, while cartilage piercings are more of a marathon, taking anywhere from 4 months to a year. During this time, your aftercare routine is your best friend, ensuring your piercing heals without a hitch.

Starting with the basics—keep those hands clean before they go anywhere near your piercing. A gentle touch with a mild cleanser and water once a day will do the trick. And forget about hydrogen peroxide or harsh soaps; they’re the archenemies of the healing process. If you’re a fan of keeping things moist, a dab of Ear Butter can work wonders. Just remember, the less you fiddle with your piercing, the happier it’ll be, so resist the urge to twist or pick at your new bling.

Common Issues and How to Handle Them

Even with the best care, sometimes piercings throw a curveball. Infections are the usual suspects, recognizable by redness, swelling, and that tell-tale pus discharge. But don’t panic—most can be handled with good old-fashioned piercing care and a bit of advice from your professional piercer. Allergic reactions are another party pooper, often thanks to nickel in your jewelry, so go for hypoallergenic earrings if your skin throws a fit.

Then there’s keloids, those stubborn raised scars that love to crash the ear-piercing party. And let’s not forget the horror of traumatic tearing, when your earring gets snagged and leaves you in a pinch—literally.

In all cases, the best job you can do is to keep calm, keep it clean, and seek professional help when it’s more serious than a simple irritation or scar tissue issue.

Men's Earring Styles

Earrings for men have evolved way beyond the classic stud—and thank goodness for that! The modern man has a smorgasbord of styles at his fingertips, including gold earrings, such as:

  • Earings for any occasion, including everyday wear

  • Themed earrings that showcase personality and passion, such as crosses, swords, snakes, and more

  • Plugs for guys are thicker earrings for those ear stretching with stretched lobes who like their jewelry as bold as their character

But the fun doesn’t stop at studs and dangles. For those who have ventured down the path of stretched ears, plugs and tunnels, and hangers await, ready to make a statement that’s uniquely yours.

And if you’re looking to go big, consult an earring size chart to guide you through the stretching process safely, ensuring each increase in diameter is a step towards your desired look without overdoing it.

We encourage you togo ahead and wear earrings that showcase your personality and style!

Ear Piercing for Men on Both Ears - Piercing Myths Debunked

Let’s bust some myths while we’re at it. Remember the old wives’ tale that your choice of pierced ear, especially the left ear, could out your sexual orientation? Yeah, that’s ancient history. Today, whether you pierce the left, right, or both, it’s all about your style and nothing else.

And for those worried about piercings looking unprofessional, breathe easy. The world’s been changing, and these days, a well-placed earring (or two) can be just as acceptable in the boardroom as it is at the bar.


Remember that the ear piercing process should be handled with care, using needles for precision and safety. Healing and aftercare are paramount to ensure your piercing thrives, and knowing how to tackle common complications is key to maintaining it. Embrace the wide array of men’s earring styles and join the ranks of those who have debunked outdated myths about piercings.

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