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1/2" (13mm) Plugs

You've arrived at the correct collection if you need 13mm odd-sized plugs and gauges. The 1/2" inch is a more suitable size for measuring materials. Although it is still labeled as 1/2" inch, it actually bridges the gap between common and big sizes like 9/16" and 1/4" jewelry sizes. Stretching your piercing to 13mm is recommended to avoid any potential damage. While this particular size is typically only seen as an in-between size, PlugYourHoles.com offers a broad range of jewelry to select from. Single and double flare options are available to match any preference, and materials like stone, glass, wood, silicone, and stainless steel ensure you'll discover an item that fits your needs. Check out our 13mm plugs collection and get the body jewelry that's right for you!


13 Years Skull Engraved Black Agate Stone Plugs
13 Years Skull Engraved Wood Plugs
70's Yellow Wave Wood Image Plugs
New in
A Clockwork Orange Acrylic Image Plugs
Abalone Crown Steel Saddles
Abalone Inlay Coffin Cut Sawo Wood Plugs
Abalone Inlay Double Flared Oval Steel Plugs
Save 25%
Abalone Inlay Double Flared Saddle Steel Plugs
Abalone Inlay Heart Shaped Steel Plugs
Save 25%
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Croc Wood Hangers
Save 40%
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Sawo Wood Hangers
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Steel Hangers
Abalone Inlay Pincher Steel Hangers
Abalone Inlay Sono Wood Plugs
Abalone Inlay Teardrop Sono Wood Plugs
Abalone Inlay Threaded Steel Plugs
Abalone Pearl Banner Steel Hangers
Save 40%
Aged Rose Amethyst Dangle Crescent Steel Saddles
Alien Carved Sawo Wood Plugs
Alien Head Engraved Wood Plugs
All Electric Blue Glass Plugs
All-Seeing Heart Eyes Dangle Threaded Steel Tunnels
5 in stock
Amazonite Stone Plugs
Save 30%
Amazonite Stone Plugs
From $1189 $1699
Amber Acrylic Plugs
Amber Shattered Glass Plugs
Amber Stone Gold Curled Hook Hangers
Save 40%
Amethyst Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
New in
Amethyst Concave Stone Plugs
Amethyst Dangle Gold Steel Crescent Saddles
Save 55%
Amethyst Dangle Point Threaded Steel Tunnels
Amethyst Dangle Steel Crescent Saddles
Amethyst Single Flared Stone Plugs
Amethyst Snake Wrapped Steel Curled Hook Hangers 8mm (0g)
Amethyst Stone Heart Plugs
Amethyst Stone Plugs
Amethyst Stone Teardrop Plugs
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