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Amethyst Single Flared Stone Plugs

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Stone plugs are an all-natural and stylish addition to any plug collection. A little heavier than steel, these beautiful Amethyst Single Flared Stone Plugs are great for everyday wear and are the perfect addition to your growing jewelry collection. Single Flared plugs are easier to put in your ears and are secured with a rubber O-ring.

Once considered a connection to the Divine, Amethyst still echoes this tone with its ability to still the mind and help reach a higher level of consciousness. Amethyst is an overall protector of energy and light, which in turn can help spark the mind during creative processes, intuition, putting thoughts into action, and overall focus.

Product Details

Material: Amethyst

Class: Stone

Color: Purple

Plug Size: 6g-00g Wearable Area: coming soon

 Plug Size: 1/2"-5/8" Wearable Area: coming soon

*Please note that these measurements are based on averages*