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Halloween Plugs

Our Halloween Plugs are now available. Check out our Halloween Collection to see all of our latest designs. The goal of Plug Your Holes is to enable self-expression while providing you with excellent customer service. Shop all Halloween-themed designs today!


Black Agate Convex Plugs
Black Agate Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Purple Aurora Stone Plugs
Black Agate Stone Tunnels
Moss Quartz Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Black Agate Heart Stone Plugs
Black & Gold T-Rex Threaded Steel Tunnels
Black Beaded Single Prong Opalite Threaded Tunnels
Black Glass Plugs
Red Jasper Stone Plugs
Purple Aurora Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Maul Malachite Stone Plugs
Purple Vampire Agate Stone Plugs
Black Teardrop Glass Plugs
Black & White Smoke Pyrex Glass Plugs
Ouroboros Serpent Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Red Tiger's Eye Stone Plugs
Tears of the Eye Engraved Black Agate Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
T-Rex Threaded Steel Tunnels
Coffin Cut Sono Wood Tunnels
Black Agate Stone Teardrop Plugs
Blood Jasper Concave Stone Plugs
Black Snake Skin Opalite Crescent Steel Saddles
Black Cross Dangle Threaded Steel Tunnels
Black Skull Pyrex Glass Plugs
Save 50%
Beetlejuice Adam & Barbara - Image Plugs (The Limited Black Series)
Crescent Moon Skull Steel Saddles
Black Bat Pentagram Dangle Internally Threaded Steel Tunnels
Jason Tattoo Flash - Acrylic - Image Plugs
Aurora Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Bat Dangle Beaded Threaded Steel Tunnels
Gold Crescent Moon Skull Steel Saddles
Save 25%
Grey Cat's Eye Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Save 20%
Neon Orange Acrylic Plugs
Green Monster Agate Stone Plugs
Jason Engraved Plug Box - Limited Edition
166 results