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PlugYourHoles.com is an American lifestyle & plug company since 2006. Featuring a huge selection of stretched ear jewelry for those with stretched ears. Here you'll find a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to fit your plug needs. Shop all Glass PlugsStone PlugsStainless Steel PlugsOrganic PlugsSilicone TunnelsRegular Earrings and more.


16g - 0g Starter Kit
Ear Butter
Ear Butter
From $1299
Random Bag Of Plugs
Ear Butter Black (with Activated Charcoal)
Black Silicone Ear Skins
Aurora Stone Tunnels
Black Silicone Tunnels
Black Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Opal Stone Plugs
Kaa Python Steel Saddles
Black Agate Convex Plugs
Custom Image Plugs
Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Blue Smoke Pyrex Glass Plugs
Purple Aurora Stone Plugs
Black & Gold T-Rex Threaded Steel Tunnels
Purple Green Galaxy Pyrex Glass Plugs
Black Agate Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Essentials Plug and Tunnels Pack
Black Silicone Plugs
Black Threaded Steel Tunnels
Heart Shaped Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Kylie The Jellyfish Pyrex Glass Plugs
Rose Quartz Stone Plugs
Amethyst Stone Tunnels
Threaded Steel Tunnels
Black Turquoise Stone Tunnels
Hematite Stone Tunnels
Amethyst Stone Plugs
Gold Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Clear Silicone Ear Skins
Black Acrylic Plugs
Maul Malachite Stone Plugs
Maroon Smoke Pyrex Glass Plugs
Glow in The Dark Clear - Silicone Tunnels
70's Yellow Wave Wood Image Plugs
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