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One Month Later...

Well here we are! It's been almost a month since we relaunched the ol' website and gave this baby a facelift.  It took a lot of hard work and patience to get it all out there for you wonderful people, but your response has been totally worth it! 

We feel honored that all of you have continued to support us over the years and along with this big change we're excited you're all along for the ride! Today we released our tribute to Arrested Development by giving you a grip of new AD plug designs to choose from. You can check 'em out right here.

We'll be releasing a few new products over the next few weeks but ultimately we're gearing up for one thing: WARPED TOUR! That's right! We'll be on the road all summer long hanging out, high fiving, stage diving, water balloon chucking and generally kickin' ass with each and every one of you! Warped Tour is like our Christmas season, so needless to say we're really excited! 

Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog for updates, interviews and more! We'll be posting all sorts of fun stuff this summer and holding a lot of contests! So there you go, keep your ear to the ground and get ready to join us on the road this summer! 

Love always,

Brett and the PYH team

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