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The change is here.

Well 7 years (or so) into this adventure, we're still changing, growing, and fixing Plug Your Holes.  We're happy to tell you that we're still just as excited about every order, customer, and fan as we were 7 years ago. With that being said, we have seen major growth every year since our humble beginning, and sometimes find ourselves playing catch up. The changes that you are witnessing first hand are an example of us getting out ahead of the growth and preparing ourselves. This way we can give you the best possible experience, and hopefully make Plug Your Holes a place that you want to come back to year after year.

So what are the changes? I have outlined below the major changes, and some (but not all) of the minor ones as well.

    • Layout. As we have grown, added more products and types of products, the old site got cluttered and inefficient. We have implemented a new layout that is more self-explanatory and easier to navigate.
    • Style. We have cleaned up the look and feel of the site to be more aesthetically pleasing.
    • More Products. We have already added quite a few new products and will be adding even more as the month progresses. We have added over 101 new plugs and a dozen new clothing items. In addition to that, we'll be adding loads more throughout the month of May.
    • Better products. We have made changes to a lot of our best selling products. We are constantly trying to make them better and more affordable. This is most apparent in the steel blanks used in the Steel Image Plugs, along with Turquoise Stone, Silicone, and Opalite plugs. 
    • Price. As time goes on, some things become more or less costly on our end. We have some products that have gone down in cost over the years, but your price has remained the same. At the same time we have had other items triple in cost for us with no increase to you, the customer. We feel that it's time to overhaul our prices and offer the fairest prices we can. Some things have gotten dramatically cheaper, where others have increased in price. 
    • Videos and Blogs. Over the years we have dabbled with both but have lacked consistency. We now have people working for us that do both of these on a regular basis. We're doing our best to keep you well informed and hopefully at least mildly entertained. 
    • Lookbooks. As we have grown, our clothing selection has continued to grow. We are now coming to the point where we have to treat it like what it is: it's a clothing brand within a body jewelry company. We represent a lifestyle and we want to do that in the best way possible. 
    • More Contests. Believe it or not, we love giving our fans free stuff. So keep checking back, and we'll make sure that there are plenty of opportunities to win some free stuff. 
I am sure that there are things that I am missing, but that's a pretty good start. Take a look around for yourself for the other changes. 
Thanks for being awesome
-Sam Dean
Plug Your Holes


I have only been following you guys for about six months, but I am so excited to watch the way your business is changing and growing. Eveything I’ve ordered from you guys has always exceeded expectations, and things can only get better! :D

I cant wait to find out who won the contest! I love your new website!!!!

Congrats on your hard work showing through guys. Keep up the good work!

Excited to shop the new site. Ive been a customer and a fan for a little over a year, and love your products, style, and attitude of your whole company. Im looking forward to all the new exciting products and features that come with your new site. :)
Much love and support,

Love the NEW PYH look! excited to make order more stuff!

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