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Made to Order / Custom Order Terms and Conditions

Made to Order / Custom Order Terms and Conditions:

By consenting to the terms and conditions you hereby understand that the items you are ordering are hand made, made to order items that are created in our warehouse specifically for your order. These items take time to create, and are typically completed between 2-4 weeks after your order is placed. Once your order is placed we do not allow alterations to sizing, material or images, nor do we permit refunds to be given in the event that these terms were overlooked and blindly agreed to. If you receive a custom/made to order item from us that is incorrect you may contact our support team with your order number in the subject line and they will be happy to assist you in an exchange for the correct items originally ordered. We do not allow refunds due to impatience or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, e.g.,  “my boyfriend and I broke up and I don’t need these anymore,” “I didn’t know they’d take two weeks to create,” “I need the money to pay bills,” “my mom won’t let me have plugs anymore,” and so on. Please DO NOT ORDER MADE TO ORDER ITEMS OR CUSTOM ITEMS IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS. 


On shipment of items:

Upon placing an order containing image or engraved plugs your order may be split into multiple shipments to get you your products as soon as possible. Some products made in our facility take longer than others and upon completion will ship immediately. Do not be surprised if you receive your items from your order individually. If you have any concerns about the whereabouts of your unfulfilled times on your order than feel free to contact us via email. 


From our FAQ page:

Unfortunately we can not and do not accept returns or exchanges on body jewelry due to our strict sanitation standards. Once a product is mailed out, we have to assume that it has been worn for the protection of other customers. 

Additionally, we do not accept returns on any custom or limited run plugs. We do not give refunds for orders canceled due to impatience or incorrect orders attributed to customer error. Please double check to make sure your order is correct before submitting payment! We will not provide a cash refund on custom orders. Please make sure you select the correct size/design prior to completing your order for custom or limited run plugs. 


Free S#!T Friday Guidelines

Free S#!T Friday is our way of giving back to our customers. Every so often we run free item promos and here you can read all about what exactly that means.

- These promotions are "buy one get one free" promotions. One free item is provided per category. For instance: if you buy an accessory, you will receive a free accessory of our choosing. If you buy a shirt or outerwear item you will receive a free shirt in the same size. If you buy a pair of plugs you will receive a free pair of plugs in the same size. 

- If you buy two tee shirts you will not receive two free shirts, you will receive one free shirt. One free item per category will be provided regardless of quantity purchased.

- We select the free items based on products we have available in our warehouse, no codes, no need to add anything extra to your cart. Do not add an additional item to your cart, check out, pay for the item then email us and ask us why it wasn't free. 

- You cannot select a different size clothing item or jewelry item as your free item. You will receive a free item in the same size of your original order. 

- These promos, like all of our promos, begin and end in Central Standard Time. That's Chicago/Kansas City time. Not New York City time, not Los Angeles time.