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Clear Quartz Hoop Gold Curled Hook Hangers

Size Guide

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Like crystal mountains hanging from your ears, stay frosty and flossy with these gorgeous Clear Quartz Hoop Gold Curled Hook Hangers. Hangers aka Ear Weights hang from your lobes and fit in most sizes of stretched ears. Regardless of the material these beauties are a perfect addition to your plug collection. We don’t recommend stretching with hangers.

Quartz is one of the master healers, known to aid in overall health to the body and mind. By attuning to your frequency, it transmutes negativity, amplifies energy, adjusts your vibrational field, and raises your consciousness. This deep soul cleanser detoxifies the emotional field and balances your mind.

Product Details

*Please note these hang in all sizes of stretched ears. The size is the minimum required for wear.*

The stone's color and size vary by each piece.

We do not suggest trying to stretch with hangers or ear weights of any kind. Wearing these may cause your ears to stretch or decrease depending on your current size and amount of time worn.

Material:  Steel (Hook) /  Stone (Dangle)

Class: Steel / Hangers / Ear Weights

Color:Clear / Steel

Height: Coming Soon!
(from the top of the curl/hook to the bottom of the geode)

Width: Coming Soon!

Weight: Coming Soon!