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1 & 5/8" (44mm) Plugs

Comfortable plugs are required for larger sizes, such as 1 and 5/8" (41mm). With such a large variety of plugs and tunnels to choose from, you'll be sure to discover the perfect body jewelry at PlugYourHoles.com for your unique needs. Whether you're adding to an existing collection or creating a new one, you'll be certain to discover something you like by shopping online. There are many different materials to choose from, such as glass, stone, metal, and wood. Depending on your preferred design style, you may select from a variety of options. Plug Your Holes was founded on the principles of safe piercing and individualism, and our top priority is customer satisfaction. Find a 40mm plug or tunnel that you can't live without in our new collection!


Black Skull Steel Hangers
Black Snakes For Ya Ears Steel Hangers
Black Stone Arrowhead Gold Curled Hook Hangers
Bling Threaded Steel Tunnels
Blue Crystalized Geode Slice Gold Curled Hook Hangers
Bye Tombstone - Engraved Wood Plugs
Caged Bridge Gold Clicker Hangers
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CHUNKY Rope Steel Clicker Hangers
Clear Silicone Ear Skins
Clear Teardrop Glass Plugs
Cobra Snake Steel Clicker Hangers
Coffin Engraved Wood Plugs
Crocodile Convex Wood Plugs
Cross Engraved Wood Plugs
Crushed White Howlite Target Inlay Sono Wood Plugs
Save 70%
Curled Shell Steel Hangers
Custom Coffee Cup - Engraved Wood Plugs
Custom Engraved Wood Plugs
Custom Flash Heart - Engraved Wood Plugs
Custom Initials Pizza Slice Engraved Wood Plugs
Custom Initials Rose Skull Engraved Wood Plugs
Custom Sweetheart Engraved Wood Plugs
Dagger Skull Tattoo Flash Engraved Wood Plugs
Dark Blue Silicone Ear Skins
Death Before Coffee Engraved Wood Plugs
Death Finds Us All Engraved Wood Plugs
Death Palm Engraved Wood Plugs
Death's Flight Locust Steel Hangers
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Deco Brass Hangers
Deep Purple Silicone Ear Skins
Dia De Los Muertos Skull Engraved Wood Plugs
Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Black Drop Swirl Pearl Steel Hangers
Dual Snake Steel Clicker Hangers
Eclipse Steel Hangers
Save 70%
Eclipse Steel Hangers
From $1620 $5399
Elemental Wave Engraved Wood Plugs
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