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Throwback Week, Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving week! 

Today we released our great big ol' Throwback Week! Including 20 different past limited runs we've got all your bases covered! There's Pokemon plugs, Game of Thrones, Fight Club, Anime characters and more all available this week! We had a hard time narrowing down the list from the last year of amazing collections, but we felt this group is a solid package ready to rock your ears! 


Additionally, we're gearing up for a big Thanksgiving surprise as well as a whole slew of Black Friday deals! You're going to be excited, aghast and frankly confused by all of the pandemonium and revelry we're bringing to the feast this year, so make sure you're subscribed to our email list and keep your eyes on our Facebook and Instagram for more info! You'll be saving so much money you'll have no idea what to do!


Lastly we wanted to remind you all that since it is the season of giving and gifts that you can purchase PYH gift cards! They're a wonderful way to get that special someone something they'll love! We're so excited about them that we even made a YouTube video about it. You can watch it right here!


Happy Holidays!


-The PYH Team

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