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Rhodonite Mossy Oak Keyhole Stone Hangers

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What is it?

These Rhodonite Mossy Oak Keyhole Stone Hangers are perfect for an early morning inside a 10' standing hunting blind, or just another day at the office!

Having a reputation of nurturing love, Rhodonite is prized for its ability to instill emotional balance and heal emotional wounds, particularly those that weigh heavy on the heart. It fosters kinship and lets you see both sides of an issue. Rhodonite supports you during any challenging situation, helping you stay heart-centered no matter what occurs.

*Please note these hang in all sizes of stretched ears. The size you choose is the minimum required for wear.*

We do not suggest trying to stretch with hangers or ear weights of any kind.

What is it made of?

Material:  Stone

Class: Stone / Hangers / Ear Weights

Color: Pink / Brown multi

Width: Coming Soon

Length:Coming Soon

 Weight: Coming Soon