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PLUG BOX is the best way to get Exclusive Limited Plugs, only available to subscribers first. Its plain and simple 1 Pair of Premium plugs of the size chosen each month with shipping included. Shipped out on the 15th of every month or earlier, the materials will vary each month, ranging from Wood, Stone, & Steel and we promise NO Silicone or Acrylic.  


The PLUG BOX : Plug Subscription will ship at the beginning of the following month. Typically before the 10th of that month. For example: If you signed up for a subscription on May 2nd, your plugs wouldn't ship until early June. With that being said, if you ordered plugs on May 30th they would still ship in early June. PLEASE NOTE: SOME SUBSCRIBERS MAY HAVE A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE BASED ON GENDER OR BODY JEWELRY SIZE. If you need to change the size of the products being sent, please contact us prior to the 1st of the shipping month. 

You will be charged additional shipping your 1st month ONLY!



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