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Meso Triangle Steel Clicker Hangers

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What is it?

Thankfully the world didn't end in 2012 because otherwise you wouldn't be able to wear these awesome Meso Triangle Steel Clicker Hangers! We think you should grab a pair as fast as possible, just incase they got those numbers mixed up somehow...

Product Details

*Please note these hang in all sizes of stretched ears. The size is the minimum required for wear.*

*Please be careful when closing the clicker not to pinch your ear.*

We do not suggest trying to stretch with hangers or ear weights of any kind. Wearing these may cause your ears to stretch or decrease depending on your current size and amount of time worn.

What is it made of?

Material: Steel

Class: Steel / Ear Weights

Color: Steel

Weight: 26 Grams | 0.9 oz

Width: 1.39" / 35.3mm 

Length: 1.63" / 41.5mm