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Custom Image Engraved Plug Chest

Size Guide

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What is it?

You can get your very own custom engraved plug box!This custom box is the perfect gift to wrap that new pair of plugs you just bought in. Now all your plugs can have a happy home.



By checking the box above, you are agreeing to the following

-PHOTO IMAGES : We can pretty much take any black and white image and put it on a chest. Keep in mind that we do our absolute best to get you a perfect looking chest, but remember the image needs to be high resolution, on a white background and if it is a photo it can not be super dark. Designs like logos and outlined illustrations make for the best engravings. The simpler the design the better the engraving. A 4"x6" rectangle image is best. We will crop the image to fit the box.

-For the best results please upload an EPS, PDF or Adobe Illustrator file.

•The artwork must be true (100%) black on a white background.
•Make sure all text and artwork is outlined. In Adobe Illustrator select everything, and navigate to Type > Create Outlines.
•The image needs to be high resolution 300 dpi, on a 100% white or 100% black background and especially if it is a photo it can not be super dark. If the image dose not meet our standards we will reach out to you.

Product Details

What is it made of?

Material: Wood.

Size:  4"x6"x 2"

(1" depth inside bottom / 1/3" depth inside cover)


Brand: PYH 

Class: Accessory