Blue and Green Snake Curl Glass Hangers

Size Guide

In Stock: 10+


What is it?

These translucent hanger's are perfect for every day wear or even for a fancy night out on the town! 

*Please note these hang in all sizes of stretched ears. The size you choose is the minimum required for wear.*

We do not suggest trying to stretch with hangers or ear weights of any kind.

What is it made of?

Material:  Pyrex Glass with a Matte Finish 
Class: Glass

Color: Blue and Green


2g-6mm: 0.9" / 24mm 

0g-8mm: 1.07" / 27mm 

00g-10mm: 1.17" / 29.8mm

12"-12mm: 1.23" / 31.3mm 

9/16"-14mm: 1.3" / 33mm 


2g-6mm: 2.60" / 66.46mm

0g-8mm: 2.85" / 72.2mm 

00g-10mm: 2.94" / 74.8mm 

1/2"-12mm: 3.25" / 82.5mm

9/16"-14mm: 3.4" / 87.4mm


2g-6mm: 1.41 Grams | 0.05 oz

0g-8mm: 5.66 Grams | 0.2 oz

00g-10mm: 11.33 Grams | 0.5 oz

1/2"-12mm: 14.17 Grams | 0.5 oz

9/16"-14mm: 17 Grams | 0.6 oz

5/8"-16mm: 22.67 Grams | 0.8 oz

Disclaimer: These plugs are made of glass and are FRAGILE! SO PLEASE keep in mind they can shatter if you drop them. There is the possibility that they can break during shipping. If that happens do not worry we will replace them for you. You have 7 days upon receiving them to let us know.