Acrylic & Silicone Mix and Match


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Caution: Silicone should never be used for stretching, regardless of your, or other peoples past experiences. It only takes one bad stretch to cause irreversible damage to your ear or other stretched piercing. Silicone is only intended for fully healed piercings. We advise the use of Steel Tapers, or Teflon Tape for any stretching needs. 

Caution: Synthetic materials such as Acrylic one are only intended for fully healed piercings. The use of this product in an un healed piercing could cause irreversible damage, scarring and more. Please keep this in mind with any stretch. 

  • Product Details

    What is it made of?

    Material: Silicone and Acrylic

    Plug Size: 6g-1"  Wearable Area: 8.6mm

    Plug Size:
     6g-1" Wearable Area: 7.5mm
    *Please note that these measurements are based on averages*

    Class: Silicone and Acrylic

  • Color: Mix

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