Abalone Dotted Rim Threaded Acrylic Tunnels

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What is it?

Abalone?! Yup! The otters of the sea just go crazy for the stuff! Become the envy of all otters with these Abalone Dotted Tunnels! Not recommended for everyday wear.

Caution: Synthetic materials such as this one are only intended for fully healed piercings. The use of this product in an un healed piercing could cause irreversible damage, scarring and more. Please keep this in mind with any stretch. 

Product Details

What is it made of?

Material: Acrylic

Class: Acrylic

Color: Black with Abalone

Plug Size: 0g-5/8"  Wearable Area: 7.6mm

*Please note that these measurements are based on averages*