Winds of Plague

The Southern California purveyors of pain, WINDS OF PLAGUE, are going to quickly change the landscape of heavy music upon the release of their much anticipated release, “Against The World”, which is a perfect metallic assault of angst ridden fury. The group went back to their roots channeling the basic, urban hardcore elements, which made their Century Media Records debut offering, “Decimate The Weak”, such a stand-out underground cult classic. The partnership with Grammy Award winning, platinum producer Matt Hyde (No Doubt, Slayer, Hatebreed) proved to be the exact component needed to push each member's performance beyond their comfort zones to ultimately reach an unexpected plateau that is sure to create a buzz within the scene. “Against The World” is simply a bare bones assault of 
uninhibited aggressiveness that will beat any listener into oblivion. 

Johnny Plague (vocals) states: “We set out with producer Matt Hyde to raise the bar for WINDS OF PLAGUE both as a 
band and as musicians. We put a lot of our writing focus into the energy and the structure of the songs and everything 
else just seemed to fall into place naturally. We really just wanted to create a fun but heavy album. We still topped every 
song off with over the top epic orchestral arrangements, but we brought back the more hardcore, live show elements 
from ‘Decimate The Weak’. Unlike the previous release this record is not a concept album, which gave me freedom as a 
writer. Both fans of ‘Decimate The Weak’ and ‘The Great Stone War’ will be pleased for we haven’t altered the formula 
or strayed from our roots, but injected them with rage and fury. This record is beautiful, ignorant and heavy.”

After annihilating the masses on the North American Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest throughout the summer of 2010, 
WINDS OF PLAGUE now prepares to further spread their carnage across North America on The Warped Tour in the 
summer of 2011. Additionally they are currently scheduled for a European tour with heavyweights Emmure and their 
labelmates I Wrestled A Bear Once in support of their upcoming album “Against The World”. It marks their 3rd trip to 
Europe in 12 months after touring with Parkway Drive and Despised Icon in April/May 2010 as well as doing their own 
headlining tour in November 2011 with the likes of Stick To Your Guns, For Today and Monuments.

WINDS OF PLAGUE further solidified their status as one of the hottest up-and-coming metal acts upon release of their 
highly acclaimed album “The Great Stone War”, which made an impressive debut in its first week landing at #73 on the 
Billboard Top 200 chart in the USA. The offering quickly propelled the band to the forefront of the American metal 

In 2011, WINDS OF PLAGUE leave their defining mark on the metal scene as their commitment to excellence has 
resulted in an earth shattering album that will have many cowering in fear. The WOP army legions unite and heads are 
going to roll. Oh yes, there will be blood.

PYH sat down with WINDS OF PLAGUE to find out more about their band:

[Q] If you could be any color of metal besides black metal, what color would you be, and why?
[A] Dark blue, because it's the closest thing to black. 

[Q] What is your favorite place to get a late night snack while on the road, and what do you get?
[A] Bucee's Truck Stop. They have a huge selection of beef jerky, as well as other delicious snacks, such as beever nuggets. They also have ridiculous over-the-top pro America souvenirs so you can white trash pimp-yo-self out! #AmericaFuckYea!!!

[Q] If Pokemon were real, who would you battle for supremecy and why?
[A] They are real, and Charizard because he is a dragon and dragons are awesome.

[Q] Have you ever woken up in a police car?
[A] Nope, im not retarded.

[Q] What is the most uncomfortable place you have ever had to crash?
[A] Either the back of a Uhaul truck, or the Philadelphia airport on Christmas Eve.

[Q] What song would you want played at your funeral, and why?
[A] Bad To The Bone, self explanatory.

[Q] If you could be any superhero in the world (real-life, or cartoon), who would you be? +50 points for Darkwing Duck.
[A] Darkwing Duck is a sucka! Im going to go with whichever ninja turtle eventually banged out April Oneil.

[Q] What is the first band/cd that made you want to play music?
[A] Metallica - Master Of Puppets on cassete tape.

[Q] What is your go-to dance move? and Where are you most likely to whip it out (the dance move) in public?
[A] Im white, no dance moves, just awkward flailing about.

[Q] What is your favorite place to eat when you are at home?
[A] Pick-Up-Stix. House special beef with white rice and wontons!