A Lot Like Birds

A Lot Like Birds is a post-hardcore band from Sacramento, CA, known for their tendency to flawlessly blend a wide array of genres; from ambient soundscapes to aggressive punk-fueled anthems to unpredictable prog-rock freakouts. 

The band was initially the brainchild of guitarist Michael Franzino. Franzino invited a couple Sacramento-based musicians and friends to perform with him, the result being Plan B, the band's debut album. After solidifying a consistent lineup, the band started to pick up buzz in the Sacramento scene, with their dynamic and energetic live shows getting rave reviews. 

In early 2011, the band announced that Kurt Travis (formally of Dance Gavin Dance) would be joining the band as a second vocalist. Soon after, they signed to Doghouse Records (All American Rejects, Say Anything, The Get Up Kids) and acquired The Artery Foundation (Asking Alexandria, Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana) as management.

After signing both deals, they entered Interlace Audio Recording Studio with producer / engineer Kris Crummet (Closure In Moscow, Fear Before, Dance Gavin Dance) to record their second full length, Conversation Piece. 

After it's release in the fall of 2011, Conversation Piece received praise and they were called "one of post-hardcore’s most important new bands and one of the few capable of saving the scene." (-MindEqualsBlown.net).

A Lot Like Birds will spend all of 2012 on the road, taking their new album and frenzied live antics to the masses.

PYH sat down with A LOT LIKE BIRDS to find out more about their band:

[Q] If you could be any color of metal besides black metal, what color would you be, and why?
[A] That charred color of the bottom of the meatloaf tray. 

[Q] What is your favorite place to get a late night snack while on the road, and what do you get?
[A] I go to where ever they sell meatloaf.

[Q] If Pokemon were real, who would you battle for supremecy and why?
[A] I'd battle Meat Loaf. He is a Pokeman.

[Q] Have you ever woken up in a police car?
[A] No. Seen the backseat, but I was awake the whole time, listening to Meat Loaf.

[Q] What is the most uncomfortable place you have ever had to crash?
[A] On top of my collection of Meat Loaf CD's, albums and memorabilia.

[Q] What song would you want played at your funeral, and why?
[A] Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell

[Q] If you could be any superhero in the world (real-life, or cartoon), who would you be? +50 points for Darkwing Duck.
[A] I would be Meat Loaf.

[Q] What is the first band/cd that made you want to play music?
[A] Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell

[Q] What is your go-to dance move? and Where are you most likely to whip it out (the dance move) in public?
[A] I do the "loaf" and I'll typically do it anywhere I hear "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" no matter where I am.

[Q] What is your favorite place to eat when you are at home?
[A] Anywhere there is meatloaf and Meat Loaf. (his name is Robert Paulson)