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Obsidian Snowflake Stone Plugs

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Looking for something a little heavier than steel, but just as durable? Look no further! These beautiful Obsidian Snowflake Stone Plugs are great for everyday wear and are the perfect addition to your growing jewelry collection.

If you have lost your power, Obsidian helps you address the issue and re-empower yourself. It lets you look in the mirror of your inner being, going deep into the subconscious, and transmuting the negativity of lifetimes to free your soul.

Product Details

Material: Obsidian

Wearable Area: 6.7mm

*Please note that these measurements are based on averages*

Class: Stone

Color: Black with little grey flecks in it. Imagine little snowflakes falling gently onto the cold black asphalt on a chilly winter's night. That's what it looks like.