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Black Agate Single Flared Stone Plugs

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Looking for something a little heavier than steel but just as durable? Look no further than these Black Agate Single Flared Stone Plugs. These beautiful stone plugs are perfect for everyday wear and the single flare makes them easier to put into your lobes.

Agate comes in a wide variety of colors, banding, inclusions, and patterns, but one thing rings true for all of these varietals: their grounding capabilities. Because Agate stones sit at a lower vibration than others, this stone is well known for grounding and stabilizing the self. Agate is excellent for balancing energy and creating a sort of "yin and yang" harmony.

Product Details

Material: Black Agate/ Onyx

Wearable Area: 6g-00g Wearable Area: 6.8mm

 Plug Size: 1/2"-1" Wearable Area: 7.9mm

*Please note that these measurements are based on averages*

Class: Stone