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PYH Prime Membership

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If you place more than 3 orders a year this is perfect for you! By your 4th order you will be saving tons of cash!

How Does it Work?

1. Add PYH Prime to your cart.

2. Check out 

3. We will e-mail you your personal Shipping code. Your code will be valid for an entire year.(May take up to 3-5 business day until you receive your code.)



It may take up to 3-5 business days until you receive your code. Please make sure to provide a correct and valid e-mail when checking out.

If you order a PYH Prime Membership without any other items in your cart you will not be charged shipping. When purchasing your membership, if you have ANY additional items in your cart ( INCLUDING ANY PROMOTIONAL FREE ITEMS ), you will be charged shipping. We suggest purchasing this by itself and waiting for your free shipping code to come via your e-mail before placing your next order. After all it is up to you, we are just trying to save you some bucks and also we don't want to hear "PYH is stupid! You charged shipping when buying a free shipping membership".