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Rhodonite Stone Plugs

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Rhodonite gets its name from the greek word for rose. These Rhodonite Stone Plugs look like a field of flowers in full bloom and are sturdy enough for everyday wear.

Having a reputation of nurturing love, Rhodonite is prized for its ability to instill emotional balance and heal emotional wounds, particularly those that weigh heavy on the heart. It fosters kinship and lets you see both sides of an issue. Rhodonite supports you during any challenging situation, helping you stay heart-centered no matter what occurs.

Product Details

Material: Rhodonite

Class: Stone

Color: Pink / Black

Plug Size: 2g-1" 

Wearable Area: 9mm

Weight: 25g(25mm) 5g(10mm) / each

 *Please note that these measurements are based on averages*