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Amber Shattered Glass Plugs

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Let the color of your energy show with our Amber Shattered Glass Plugs. These translucent and beautifully cracked plugs are perfect for everyday day wear.

Product Details

Material: Glass

Plug Size: 2g - 00g Wearable Area: Coming Soon

Plug Size: 1/2" - 5/8" Wearable Area: Coming Soon

Class: Glass

Color: Amber

• These plugs are made of glass and are FRAGILE! SO PLEASE keep in mind they can shatter if you drop them. There is the possibility that they can break during shipping. If that happens do not worry we will replace them for you. You have 7 days upon receiving them to let us know. 
•A select few customers may experience temporary discoloration of their ear hole when wearing these. This occurs due to the dye in the inner shattered glass and the bodies' natural oils. We also recommend not showering with these plugs.