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Rose Gold Plugs

Rose Gold Plugs are the perfect way to show off your style. With their warm tone and calming effect, rose gold is perfect for every skin tone. Made of high-quality materials, they're durable and long-lasting. So add some Rose Gold Plugs to your jewelry collection today!


Kaa Python Steel Saddles
Heart Shaped Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Rose Gold Aurora Borealis Bling Threaded Steel Tunnels
Rose Gold Double Flared Saddle Steel Tunnels
Rose Gold Threaded Steel Tunnels
Teardrop Facade Pearl Steel Plugs
Pearl Crown Steel Saddles
Cherub Wing Steel Curled Saddles
Filigree Double Flared Steel Teardrop Plugs
Save 25%
Rose Gold Crescent Steel Saddles
Rose Gold Bling Threaded Steel Tunnels
Cross Steel Hangers
4 in stock
Rose Gold Hexagon Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Save 25%
Gold Filigree Center Double Flared Steel Teardrop Plugs
Steel Clicker Hangers
Silver Big Hoop Steel Clicker Hangers
Black Aged Rose Dangle Crescent Steel Saddles
Save 60%
T-Rex Dinosaur Skull Steel Hangers
Arrowhead Steel Clicker Hangers
Rose Gold Abalone Inlay Double Flared Teardrop Steel Plugs
Save 25%
Lotus Petal Steel Clicker Hangers
2 in stock
Rose Gold Royal Crown Steel Saddles
Save 25%
Abalone Inlay Double Flared Oval Steel Plugs
Save 25%
Rose Gold Floral Rope Steel Saddles
Save 25%
Heart Steel Hangers
Rose Gold Abalone Inlay Double Flared Saddle Steel Plugs
Rose Gold Gem Ring Steel Clicker
Pearl Inlay Heart Shaped Steel Plugs
Planchette Dangle Hoop Steel Earrings
Save 30%
Meso Triangle Steel Clicker Hangers
Filigree Steel Hangers
Rose Gold Ouroboros Serpent Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Crescent Moon Face Steel Hangers
Aged Rose Amethyst Dangle Crescent Steel Saddles
Tri Arrow Steel Hangers
Scale Steel Clicker Hangers
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