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Yo, listen up: here's a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world. Everything he owns is blue! His plugs and tunnels and hangers are blue! And you can be blue too, if you buy from this collection of all things blue (daba dee daba dye)


Light Blue Silicone Tunnels
Ocean Blue Cat's Eye Stone Plugs
Ocean Blue Pearl Silicone Ear Skins
PBR Logo - Acrylic - Image Plugs
Peacock Glass Teardrop Plugs
Save 50%
Pink Cat's Eye Stone Plugs
Save 40%
Plug Cat Acrylic Image Plugs
New in
Pride Wave Acrylic Image Plugs
Primrose Cracked Foil Glass Plugs
Purple Green Galaxy Wave Glass Teardrop Plugs
Save 50%
PYHxDA Acrylic Image Plugs - Exclusive Collab
Ravenclaw House Crest Acrylic Image Plugs
Saturn Gold Internally Threaded Steel Plugs
Save 50%
Shroom Buds Acrylic Image Plugs
Snakes on a Plug Acrylic Image Plugs
New in
Sodalite Single Flared Stone Plugs
Swamp Swirl Glass Plugs
Save 50%
Tripped Out Primrose Glow Glass Plugs
Save 50%
Turquoise Concave Stone Plugs
Turquoise Single Flared Stone Plugs
Turquoise Stone Plugs
Turquoise Stone Teardrop Plugs
1 in stock
Turquoise Stone Tunnels
Vegeta Tattoo Flash Acrylic Image Plugs
Vintage Floral - Image Plugs
Winter Silicone Ear Skins - 3 Pack [Snow Pearl, Ocean Blue Pearl, Gold Pearl]
98 results