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Aquamarine Amazonite Stone Plugs

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Bring some soothing energy to your life with these beautiful Aquamarine Amazonite Stone Plugs. Stone plugs are an all-natural and stylish addition to any plug collection. A little heavier than steel, these beautiful Amazonite plugs are great for everyday wear and are the perfect addition to your growing jewelry collection.

Amazonite's metaphysical properties focus on the emotional realm. This stone is known to be the healer of the heart and mind helping you communicate better through love, filtering out stress, and helping you navigate trauma. With a focus on communication, this stone is said to help you find your inner truth and ability to communicate your truth to others.

Product Details

Material: Amazonite

Class: Stone

Color: Aquamarine

Plug Size: 4g - 00g Wearable Area:9mm

Plug Size: 1/2" - 1" Wearable Area: 9mm

Weight: 18g(26mm) 3g(10mm) / each

*Please note that these measurements are based on averages*