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4G (5mm) Plugs

Depending on the piercing, size 4g plugs come in a wide range of shapes and materials which could be perfect for you. For daring body modification, PlugYourHoles.com has a wide range of plugs, tunnels, rings, and barbells to suit your needs. You'll find something you like whether you're searching for metal rings or barbells, or more choices like stone or glass plugs. Browse this wide range of 4g sized jewelry to find the perfect addition for you!


Abalone Inlay Threaded Steel Plugs
Amazonite Stone Plugs
Save 30%
Amazonite Stone Plugs
From $1189 $1699
Amethyst Single Flared Stone Plugs
Amethyst Stone Plugs
Aquamarine Amazonite Stone Plugs
Save 30%
Aurora Single Flared Glass Plugs
Aurora Single Flared Stone Plugs
Basic Filigree Threaded Steel Tunnels
Beetle's Flight Steel Hangers
Big Bling Black Threaded Steel Plugs
Big Bling Threaded Steel Plugs
Black and Gold Internally Threaded Steel Tunnels
Black & White Buffalo Stone Plugs
Black Acrylic Plugs
Black Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Black Agate Single Flared Stone Plugs
Black Agate Convex Plugs
Black Beetle's Flight Steel Hangers
Black Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Black Dragon Agate Stone Plugs
Black Hexagon Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Black Net Jasper Stone Plugs
Black Ouroboros Serpent Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Black Scorpion Steel Hangers
Black Silicone Ear Skins
Black Silicone Plugs
Black Silicone Tunnels
Black Snakes For Ya Ears Steel Hangers
Black Steel Ear Cuffs
Black Stone Arrowhead Gold Curled Hook Hangers
Black Threaded Steel Tunnels
Black Upside Down Bat Steel Hangers
New in
Bling Threaded Steel Tunnels
Blue Acrylic Plugs
Blue Acrylic Tapers
Save 60%
Blue Aventurine Stone Plugs
166 results