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3/4" Gauges (19mm) Plugs

3/4" is a typical size for stretched ears when sizing up. Whether you're looking for utility or style, Plug Your Holes has something for everyone. Options for every occasion, acrylic, wood, and glass plugs are just a few of the many options available. PlugYourHoles.com's top priorities include self-expression, piercing safety, and customer care, so you can rest assured that what you purchase is of the highest quality. With your next pair, show off your individual style by adding or upgrading to a 3/4" size to add to your jewelry collection!


13 Years Skull Engraved Black Agate Stone Plugs
13 Years Skull Engraved Wood Plugs
70's Yellow Wave Wood Image Plugs
New in
A Clockwork Orange Acrylic Image Plugs
Abalone Crown Steel Saddles
Abalone Inlay Coffin Cut Sawo Wood Plugs
Abalone Inlay Double Flared Oval Steel Plugs
Save 60%
Abalone Inlay Double Flared Saddle Steel Plugs
Abalone Inlay Heart Shaped Steel Plugs
Save 60%
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Croc Wood Hangers
Save 40%
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Sawo Wood Hangers
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Steel Hangers
Abalone Inlay Pincher Steel Hangers
Abalone Inlay Threaded Steel Plugs
Save 20%
Abalone Pearl Banner Steel Hangers
Save 40%
Abalone Rhombus Steel Hangers
Save 40%
Aged Rose Amethyst Dangle Crescent Steel Saddles
Alien Carved Sawo Wood Plugs
Alien Head Engraved Wood Plugs
All Electric Blue Glass Plugs
All-Seeing Heart Eyes Dangle Threaded Steel Tunnels
Amazonite Stone Plugs
Save 60%
Amazonite Stone Plugs
From $680 $1699
Amber Acrylic Plugs
Amber Stone Gold Curled Hook Hangers
Save 40%
Amethyst Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
New in
Amethyst Concave Stone Plugs
Amethyst Dangle Steel Crescent Saddles
Amethyst Snake Wrapped Steel Curled Hook Hangers 8mm (0g)
Amethyst Stone Plugs
Amethyst Stone Teardrop Plugs
Amethyst Stone Tunnels
Angry Nanners Steel Curled Hook Hangers
1 in stock
Aqua Blue Cat's Eye Open Hoop Stone Hangers
Aqua Blue Cat's Eye Stone Plugs
Aquamarine Amazonite Concave Stone Plugs
Aquamarine Amazonite Stone Plugs
Save 60%
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