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12 Gauge (2mm) Plugs

12g is a popular size for piercings because it's versatile. Whether you're stretching your ear or getting it done at a bigger size, visiting PlugYourHoles.com ensures that you get what you want. A slew of materials including glass, titanium, acrylic, and steel ensure that you won't get bored with the same old jewelry. Originality and piercing safety of Plug Your Holes are at the heart of the company's beliefs, so customer satisfaction is a must. Choose from a variety of 12g jewelry designs now available to add an individual touch to your collection!


Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Single Flared Steel Tunnels
Black Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Gold Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Size Up Pack
Black Threaded Steel Tunnels
Threaded Steel Tunnels
Black Acrylic Tapers
Save 70%
Gold Single Flared Steel Tunnels
Green Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Green Threaded Steel Tunnels
Bronze Threaded Steel Tunnels
Gold Threaded Steel Tunnels
Blue Double Flared Steel Tunnels
Deep Purple Threaded Steel Tunnels
Blue Threaded Steel Tunnels
Clear Acrylic Tapers
Save 70%
Steel Tapers
White Acrylic Tapers
Save 70%
Black Steel Horseshoe
Blue Acrylic Tapers
Save 70%
Red Acrylic Tapers
Save 70%
Black Steel Ear Cuffs
Blue Steel Horseshoe
Steel Ear Cuffs
Gold Steel Ear Cuffs