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1 & 1/8" (28mm) Plugs

An ideal size for stretched lobes is 28mm, which is just over an inch. Whether you're stretching your earlobes beyond this size or just want to expand your collection, Plug Your Holes has everything you need. Flared and non-flared styles of 28mm plugs and tunnels are available to fit your unique piercing requirements. You can pick from a variety of materials, including glass, wood, metal, and acrylic, so you know you'll get what's perfect for you. Individuality and piercing safety are at the heart of this PlugYourHoles.com's founding principles, which have been extended into excellent customer service. Find your next pair of 28mm plugs or tunnels and customize your look!


13 Years Skull Engraved Black Agate Stone Plugs
13 Years Skull Engraved Wood Plugs
70's Yellow Wave Wood Image Plugs
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Abalone Inlay Coffin Cut Sawo Wood Plugs
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Croc Wood Hangers
Save 40%
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Sawo Wood Hangers
Abalone Inlay Keyhole Steel Hangers
Abalone Inlay Pincher Steel Hangers
Abalone Inlay Teardrop Sono Wood Plugs
Abalone Pearl Banner Steel Hangers
Save 40%
Abalone Rhombus Steel Hangers
Save 40%
Alien Carved Sawo Wood Plugs
Alien Head Engraved Wood Plugs
Amber Stone Gold Curled Hook Hangers
Save 40%
Amethyst Snake Wrapped Steel Curled Hook Hangers 8mm (0g)
Angry Nanners Steel Curled Hook Hangers
1 in stock
Aqua Blue Cat's Eye Open Hoop Stone Hangers
Aqua Blue Cat's Eye Stone Plugs
Areng Step Wood Tunnels
Arrowhead Steel Clicker Hangers
Aurora Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Aurora Stone Tunnels
Aztec Face Engraved Black Agate Stone Plugs
Baphomet Ram Steel Curled Hook Hangers
Baroque Heart Clicker Hangers
Bateman Psycho - Image Plugs
Beetlejuice - Engraved Wood Plugs
Beetlejuice Sandworm - Engraved Wood Plugs
Big Chungus Acrylic Image Plugs
Silver Big Hoop Steel Clicker Hangers
Big Hoop Thick Steel Clicker Hangers
Black Abalone Inlay Keyhole Steel Hangers
Black Agate Coffin Cut Stone Plugs
Black Agate Oval Keyhole Stone Hangers
Black Agate Round Keyhole Stone Hangers
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Black Agate Convex Plugs
301 results