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Fests on Fests on Fests!

Greetings Pluggamaniacs!

These last few weeks have been great! We were just out at New England Metal Fest as well as Jamboree Fest and had a blast with everyone! Thanks so much to everyone who came and hung out. We can't wait until Bamboozle in May and Warped Tour this summer!

In other news, we've been working hard at making our new offices all-the-more homey and cozy. Our pirate ship floors (reference our Cribz video) are holding up great, and the desks we were working on are really coming along! We'll have another how-to video for you in the next couple weeks, so keep checking back!

Did anyone watch the NFL draft last night? Because I didn't. Just kidding! I'm excited that one guy from that one college is going to play his favorite position at on that one team. Aren't you?! (Seriously though, I didn't watch the draft.)

We are about to announce a contest on Sunday with our weekly update video! It will be found over on our Youtube channel (you can check it out here), and we'll be tweeting about it way too much on our Twitter page (it's right here), as well as our Facebook page.

As always, if you all have any questions or comments, please hit me up at brett@plugyourholes.com or send a tweet my way!

Have a great weekend!


You can bet your last plug im going to be entering all the contest in hopes of winning things for my bandmates and i :D

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