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Australia was great. Now on to SXSW and TX!

Well it's been a few months since the last blog (again). But late is better than never, right?

To fill you in on the past few months, I will start with the face the I am tying this up while on a plane from Australia to Thailand. "Why?" you ask. We happen to coming back from doing the Soundwave Music Festival in Brisbane and Sydney Australia. It was a great time, and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of PYH world that resides down under. The reason that we are headed to Thailand, is to do our best to find YOU the best in the worlds body jewelry, and meeting with companies to discuss custom PYH cuts for our clothing. Stoked? Well we sure are.

Next month we have Never Say Never, South By So What and SXSW. All of which are in Texas. So come out and rep hard. 

Free shipping February has been awesome (again), but here we sit at the cusp of March, and we need a new shtick. We want you know what you think we we should do for march. Give us some ideas that are within reason. The chosen idea will win some awesome free stuff. So make them good. 

Just submit them as comments here. 

Oh! And yes we're working on getting a new video up ASAP!


Sam Dean


Sam Dean


Where are you guys going to be located for sxsw?!

You guys should consider getting more space-themed plugs then have “Manly March”, where you discount only the most “manly” things on this site. Like Sam & Pats mustache wax!

I will be in Texas covering the SXSW event on behalf of Popstache.com. Check out the Site. I will definetly look for you guys throughout the event. I will take photos and mention you guys in my future article.

Take care

You guys should make some canadian plugs!! i would love to have a pair!!

You guys should have “Midnight March” where orders placed between Midnight and 5AM are 20% off. or “Merch March” where all clothing is 15-20% off.

Mustache March. Make it an epic mustache competition. People send in pictures of them with their awesome mustaches and a short reason why it’s the best. Make it a month long competition and base it on likes on Facebook. Just an idea. Grow Mustaches, not marijuana.

I think you should make bulk new plugs then have a 20% off code

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