February 29 2012
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Sam Dean
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Australia was great. Now on to SXSW and TX!


Arnoldo - March 11 2012

Where are you guys going to be located for sxsw?!

Freddy - March 07 2012

You guys should consider getting more space-themed plugs then have “Manly March”, where you discount only the most “manly” things on this site. Like Sam & Pats mustache wax! - March 06 2012

I will be in Texas covering the SXSW event on behalf of Check out the Site. I will definetly look for you guys throughout the event. I will take photos and mention you guys in my future article.

Take care

jen.r - March 06 2012

You guys should make some canadian plugs!! i would love to have a pair!!

Ash - March 05 2012

You guys should have “Midnight March” where orders placed between Midnight and 5AM are 20% off. or “Merch March” where all clothing is 15-20% off.

Cody Madsen - March 04 2012

Mustache March. Make it an epic mustache competition. People send in pictures of them with their awesome mustaches and a short reason why it’s the best. Make it a month long competition and base it on likes on Facebook. Just an idea. Grow Mustaches, not marijuana.

Jevan Day - March 01 2012

I think you should make bulk new plugs then have a 20% off code

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