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Yay for Christmas, and all 50 States.

Well Christmas is almost here, and we are getting a lot of people asking if their orders will be to them by Christmas. The answer is yes to most, but there are some exceptions. Custom Plugs take longer to make and in turn take a while to get shipped. Also understand that once it leaves our warehouse, the USPS says orders will take 3-4 days to get to the coasts, and 2-3 to the Midwest. I would love to trust this as the gospel truth, but the USPS has come short of the promises in the past, and we have to assume that it's alway possible to get it later than they say. We currently experience a 95% success rate with the USPS timelines. 

On to other cool stuff. We now have all 50 states represented in plug form. So make sure to check those out. 


Sam Dean

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