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A new Contest yall!

Sam Dean


I think that gauges Smaller then one inch
Aren’t considered REAL gauges… still love them thou!

purple spider webb tunnels, Plastic lava tunnels( vieny red & black looking) , full moon tunnels,
green leaf, shield tunels.

Broham I love your Gage’s yaaaay:):):):)

I currently have 8g working on 6g :)


1 inch c:

32mm! with awesome zombie plugs :D

im at a 6 that wht i want im running low on plugs

Both ears stretched to 22mm XD

My ears are at 10mm. (:


my ears are stretched to 9/16" working on 5/8"

Kool! Hope I win. Been buyin plugs from u guys for a while now.

currently stretched up to 8g :)

Zero’s or double zero’s

ears are stretched to 7/8" (:


You guys have a good selection and great prices to match!!! Can’t wait to get my plugs in the mail and stretch em out!!!

currently my ears are 0 but im trying to stretch to a final size of 1/2 in. <3


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