April 10 2011
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Sam Dean
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The new site is up! What are your thoughts?


Estrella - March 08 2012

i love the new site, yeah im a little late, but it’s amazing and i can’t wait till i buy my hoodie this weekend. even though its not cold anymore.

John S - June 08 2011

yup, I like the new site. great look and it’s easy to navigate. I like featured stuff on the home page a lot. It’s a lot of green and grey tho. Pink?

Christian - April 25 2011

I love the simplicity of the website. so expect multiple buys from me!

Roni - April 18 2011

Ya, the new website looks very good. Really easy to browse and see the descriptions of every product.

Jordan - April 15 2011

This is my first visit to the site and I love it. I’m a web developer, so I typically judge websites quickly and was very pleased with it. It’s very clean and slick. I will actually choose to purchase or not purchase from a site depending on how the site looks. I purchased the concave plugs and I’m very excited to get them! I’ll be checking back often for any more unique plugs.

Sam Dean - April 14 2011

That’s why we added the Facebook comment feature for every product. Do you not like that?

Jessika - April 13 2011

Uhmm, well I’m not a huge fan of the new site. I think it looks wonderful, but I don’t like how I can’t see what other people have said about the product. I’d really like to know other opinions before I buy it

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