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As Warped Winds Down, So Does the Summer.

Hey friends!


We've had the most positively amazing and wonderful time these past seven weeks on Warped Tour. We've met so many of you great people and it has truly warmed our hearts to see how many of you are just as excited to meet us as we are to meet you! 

It's been a long, hot, sweaty and enjoyable ride across the country, but with the Warped Tour winding down we're all the more hungry to sit down and bring you all new products, videos, specials and more. The summer has treated us well but we're all looking forward to hoodie weather, bonfires and warm fall days.

We'll be bringing back the Back to School sale here in the next couple weeks, which means savings and dope prices across our whole site. Additionally we'll be hitting up Riot Fest in Chicago and South By So What Fall Edition later this year, so make sure to come hang out! 

If you haven't been following us this summer on our social sites, take a minute to check out our Instagram feed as well as our YouTube channel. We've got a grip of good posts on both of those sites detailing our time spent out on the road! 

We can't wait to bring you more PYH goodness over these next few months, so stay tuned and keep checking back in for more! 

With love,

The PYH Team


PS - here's a picture of a cat because it makes us laugh.

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