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Plugyourholes.com is now GaugeYourHoles.com!

Because Gauges are so cool!

We've been hearing it for years, are they called plugs or gauges? Tunnels or spacers? We're tired of answering the questions so we're just going to go ahead and rename the company. So now you can call us Gauge Your Holes.com! Along with the rebranding comes all new Grownup Gauges!



Ever feel like life is just too much to handle? Like the walls are closing in? Do you wake up in the morning and dread bills, daycare, or the responsibility of adult life? Well then these are the gauges for you! Now you can wear your worries on your sleeve, or lobes rather, with these limited edition Grownup Gauges! 


I do not like how the company’s a me is changing. I wish you kept it as Plug Your Holes. It sounds better and the name flows better when you say it.

april fools vato.

Please say April fools before I kill myself.

Of course it’s gauges. It’s always been gauges. Gauges are a way of measuring and you can measure your ear wholes too case closed

u should have kept it as plug your holes. it was WAY better

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